little girl, big hurts

Found this post in my drafts from March 2014! Posting now because, well, I suck at creating compelling content lately and don’t want my blog to die a slow and painful death 😉 Have some other gems too — not sure why I hadn’t hit publish on all these!?! But here’s one for now — still relevant, now that Maya is nearing four.


I’m one of those people who says I’m sorry when someone else bumps into me in the grocery store.  If I walk into someone’s office, I tend to apologize for “interrupting them,” even though I’ve asked if they have a few minutes ahead of time. And as a kid, I used to punish myself for the most minor of transgressions. Continue reading “little girl, big hurts”



If you haven’t already seen this recent Always spot that has gone viral, please take a look. Another summary here.

It’s epic. Truly, truly epic. Personally, I think this does far more for women than Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty. This has nothing to do with physical beauty and everything to do with how we perceive ourselves early on … and how society basically screws us up  by the time we hit puberty.

I want my daughter to see this. I want her friends to see it. To know it. To love it. To believe it. (When she’s older than 3, of course!).

Well done, Always. Well done.

Wise Words from Carrie Bradshaw

As I mentioned recently, if there is any lesson I can teach Maya — aside from good morals and values (yadda, yadda, yadda)– it would be to love herself exactly as she is.

This quote from the Sex & the City finale hits that nail smack on the head. Today, I wanted to share it with you, my readers. Continue reading “Wise Words from Carrie Bradshaw”

The Onesie That Says it All

I’ve always admired my younger sister’s confidence.  When she walks into a room, the girl owns it. She’s not cocky; I think she just knows who she is and really digs that person. It’s something I find enviable.

And so when she – the best auntie ever! – bought Maya an adorable onesie that read “I (heart) 2 B Me” I couldn’t help but smile.

Though I’ve never really verbalized it anywhere but here on the blog, instilling self-confidence in my daughter from an early age is something I am striving for.

All my life, I was told by my parents how smart, pretty, sweet, funny I was. The problem was I didn’t always believe it. Continue reading “The Onesie That Says it All”

Fending Off Negative Feelings

This is a cross-post at WeAretheRealDeal re: Fitbloggin!

What a weekend! MizFit, Marsha, YumYucky and I spoke on a body image panel at Fitbloggin in Baltimore this past weekend.

(Were you there?! If so, let us know — and thank you for coming; it was a blast!!)

Fitbloggin was a fitness/wellness blogger conference organized by Roni, and it was an amazing time!!

Seriously, a wonderful experience and so nice to meet Marsha and YumYucky, and to see MizFit and Roni again (I met them at a blogger meet-up in Chicago in ’08).

Anyway, though we didn’t have a huge turnout at our break-out session (our time slot had us up against book authors) it was an intimate and engaged crowd and an overall awesome experience.

Our topic was body image and blogging: what are we teaching our kids.

But today I’m not here to talk at length about our panel discussion (more on that in another post later). I’m here to talk about the day from a personal perspective and how it relates to our topic. Continue reading “Fending Off Negative Feelings”

Dressing for Success

This is a cross-post over at WeAretheRealDeal today.

DressForSuccessLogoIt might seem ill-timing and perhaps even a bit vain to be blogging about body image issues during one of the worst recessions our country has seen …

When our own neighbors are losing their jobs and their homes to foreclosure; when health care costs are rising and bankrupting so many; when companies continue to cut back on staff and resources; when people don’t know if they will have any heat this winter or be able to put food in their children’s mouths.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it; it’s ugly out there. There’s no use sugar-coating it.

But the truth is, so much of our self-esteem is tied to how we feel about ourselves (i.e., our body image.)

And when we feel good about ourselves, we’re more likely to nail an interview; have the confidence to ask for time off that we need to take care of our sick families; take a professional or personal risk; negotiate a utility bill, lease, or mortgage.

Often as women, how we feel about ourselves is directly related to our appearance, and I don’t necessarily mean in terms of body size.

Sometimes just putting on a special wrap-dress, pair of heels, swipe of lip gloss, or long, dangly necklace can make us feel like a princess … or just, well, like a woman. Continue reading “Dressing for Success”

Are You Your Own Biggest Advocate or Toughest Critic?

426669529_d40ab95808I thought I’d pose a question to my readers today and open the floor for some discussion.

Are you your own best advocate or toughest critic?

I ask because I tend to come across as a pushover.

As a Libra, I tend to see both sides of every single situation, which means I have trouble standing my ground. And I don’t often advocate for myself, which can appear to be a lack of confidence.

The irony of this is I am a PR practitioner; focused on communicating and promoting the people and work of my agency to our various audiences, when I ought to be using those same skills to advocate for myself, as well.

While this naturally to me at work, doing it for myself (prior to blogging, especially) doesn’t. Continue reading “Are You Your Own Biggest Advocate or Toughest Critic?”

Busy Week of Firsts

publicspeakingThis is going to be a busy week for me, and hopefully one of growth.

I have my first event to become a Lia Sophia consultant (tonight), my first training session (Tuesday) and my first Lia Sophia party I’ll be hosting (Thursday).

Then, as if that’s not enough excitement, next week, I’m going to New York for an uber-intensive, one-day professional development seminar for PR practitioners, sponsored by PR News and led by CommCore Consulting Group, one of the most well-known communications/crisis communications groups. (This is for work).

I have to admit, I’m a little nervous of all the things on the horizon, but I’m also excited, too. And for me, excitement — be it good or bad — usually leads to anxiety and, subsequently, stomach issues. Ugh. Continue reading “Busy Week of Firsts”