Triggers of a Different Kind

Triggers of all kinds exist everywhere.

Whether you’re a recovering alcoholic, drug addict, binge eater, shopaholic, disordered eater … triggers exist everywhere in life and they seem just as prominent in the blogosphere — where we choose what we read (whereas we have limited choice over what we see when we walk, shop, work, eat, etc).

I know at my worst, I couldn’t read some blogs because I felt the blogger was masking disordered eating behaviors , or because the focus was (what I thought to be extreme) weight loss, or because they were not recovered and still struggling (to the point where the posts made me uncomfortable).

I knew what I needed, and those blogs weren’t it. So I deleted them from my Google Reader. I should note that I’ve gone back to some of them. But there are some I just can’t read. It’s nothing personal against the blogger themselves, but more my own frame of reference or, shall I say, where I was at at the time.

The difference with all of these triggers is that most of them are not visible to the naked eye in real life.

Pregnancy, however, is. Continue reading “Triggers of a Different Kind”

“Todo Plazo Se Cumple”

Very loosely translated from Spanish, today’s headline alludes to “everything happens and comes to an end/everything has its time”

I found this quote apropos because tonight at about 10, we’ll be bringing my in-laws to O’Hare for their journey back to El Salvador. Though it hasn’t always been easy for me, the past three weeks have been pretty good, and I’ve really enjoyed the time with them.

Much of it had to do with reframing. The rest has to do with digging deep to find patience and compassion, two virtues — the former (which I’ve always lacked) and the latter, which I have always had but struggled with as of late. Continue reading ““Todo Plazo Se Cumple””