Alterations — Yes, Please!!

Well, what I assumed would happen back in April happened — the dress I got for an upcoming wedding  I can’t wait for is HUGE …and will definitely need alterations. Like, serious alterations!

I haven’t lost much weight since then — just the last few pregnancy pounds — but the dress size was solely determined by hip measurements (we were warned  by the bridal shop that the slip underneath was very narrow).

This meant the other measurements didn’t really matter … which meant alterations were going to be a necessity because I was not going to try to stuff myself into something that doesn’t fit!! (To me, that’s WAY worse than something being too big; you can take something in much easier than having it be let out). Continue reading “Alterations — Yes, Please!!”

Note to Self: Savor This Sentiment

I know I said I wouldn’t talk numbers often, but trust me, it’s relevant here. This is how I know I’m in a good place:

1) I weighed myself this AM and am up a full pound since last week’s WI (for a total of 3.8 lbs — I’m almost 17 weeks along, for perspective) … and I was *excited* to see the numbers matching my growing (albeit small-for-now) belly! A year ago I definitely would NOT have been able to see the numbers consistently go up and accept it, especially when I’m exercising and eating the same.

2) I tried on a pair of my usual size khaki capris … and they didn’t even come close to buttoning and looked horrible … and I simply put them away and slipped on a comfortable maternity denim skirt instead (which is loose-fitting but über-cute). Those pants will be there next summer for me to wear again; I know how to lose weight and have faith I’ll be able to lose baby weight as well when the time comes. But this is NOT the time to be concerned about that. Continue reading “Note to Self: Savor This Sentiment”

Lost Luggage Spurs Body Image Anxiety

This is a cross-post that will be featured on tomorrow — but here’s a sneak peek! 🙂

If you happen to follow me on Facebook or Twitter (or know me in real life), you probably have heard ad nauseum about my recent trip to Korea.


In my defense, I was super-excited and couldn’t WAIT for the moment to arrive!! And when it did, it was spectacular and everything I hoped it’d be and more.

Anyway … we got back Sunday and I did a thorough blog post (with links to photos) on my personal blog with respect to how I handled it from a disordered eating recovery perspective.

But one thing I saved was a story I wanted to share here at WeAretheRealDeal. Continue reading “Lost Luggage Spurs Body Image Anxiety”

Fall Is Here: Dressing for the Figure You Have

Winery in Traverse City, Mich. (Nov. 2007) on our anniversary trip
Me at a winery last fall in Traverse City, Mich. (Nov. 2007) on our anniversary trip
This past weekend was the first that felt “like fall,” and since all the new fall fashions are out, I couldn’t be happier.

Autumn is my absolute favorite season. To me, fall is “back to school,” the Jewish new year, my birthday, my anniversary. And then there’s the chilly morning runs outside, vibrant foliage, raking leaves (awesome exercise), hot cocoa, football, apple picking, pumpkin carving, haunted hay rides …

I just love everything about it, but most of all, I love wearing fall clothes that are in “my colors.” As a red-head, I can’t wear the brights and bolds of spring/summer with ease. I’m much more comfortable in earthy tones, dark neutrals.

And I adore fall fabrics.

Give me sturdy handbags, soft sweaters, fitted button-downs, cords, tights, wool pencil skirts, wrap dresses, tall boots, fleece jackets, cozy hoodies, tweed dress pants, leather coats and belted trenches. I’ll take them any day over summer’s offerings of flimsy, flirty, barely-there fare.

Shopping for such goodies gives me a high that even rich dark chocolate can’t top.

But “back to school,” er, “fall” shopping (since I’ve been out of school for ages now!) wasn’t always easy for me, and I’m sure many of you who battled weight issues your whole life can attest to this. Continue reading “Fall Is Here: Dressing for the Figure You Have”