The ROI on $86 Yoga Capris

Here’s my theory. I don’t have a perfect figure — not even close. But when I work out, when I wear form-fitting yet functional clothes ( pants and body-hugging long tanks), I feel like I move better and get a better workout. I feel leaner, stronger, more toned than when I wear a T-shirt and baggy pants.

Since beginning Zumba in May 2011 — where, instead of pounding the pavement outside or doing mindless spins on the elliptical, I dance in front of a mirror and 20 other women 3-4 times a week —  it’s been important to me to dress appropriately for class. I observed other women in the class and my instructor. Most of the gals, especially the “regulars” (and regardless of size) wear form-fitting yoga pants or capris and body-hugging tanks or Ts — clothing that allows them to move freely but also helps them watch their form, which is key during any fitness class.

As a result, I’ve been acquiring yoga pants and capris and tanks from Target, Gap, Old Navy — and they’ve been awesome additions to my fitness wardrobe. But I’ve always been curious about Lululemon. I’d heard such amazing things about their running/yoga gear and was eager to get in a store and try some things on.

This weekend, I lost my Lulu v-card in Chicago. It was truly life-defining. Continue reading “The ROI on $86 Yoga Capris”


Five Truths I’ve Learned Through Pregnancy to Carry Me Into Motherhood

1) I do not need to exercise every single day to stay physically fit. Any amount of activity is better than none, and cutting my workouts in half did not change much about my physique … nor did it make me gain an obscene amount of weight. I literally gained what my doctor recommended and nothing more.

Why this matters: As a new mom, especially one who has a C-section, I will be unable to exercise for 6-8 weeks … and even if I can find the time to do it afterward (and I’m hoping I can) it will not be without its challenges. Continue reading “Five Truths I’ve Learned Through Pregnancy to Carry Me Into Motherhood”

Sizing Myself Up

Ann Taylor Loft
Image credit: Ann Taylor Loft
Before Weight Watchers, I was a solid 14 or 12, depending on the brand/fit. And I was curvy.

Things were always loose in the waist, but tight in the hips/thigh/butt area. It was my Achille’s heel and so I always needed to buy “up.”

Since I lost weight, my waist didn’t change much, but my hips shrunk and my butt (while pretty perky, if I do say so myself) shrank as well. So I look a lot ‘straighter’ than I did before.

I have been a pretty solid size 6 for the past four years now. I have some dresses and skirts in a 4, but most in a 6. In jeans, I can still wear anything from a 28 to a 32, depending on the brand and cut (28 in James, 29 in Citizens, 30 in Joe’s, 31 in Sevens and 32 in Blue Cult). Even my older “bigger jeans” (the 32, 31) still fit — just loosely.

But last fall, my weight gain (5-7 lbs) became noticeable in how my clothes fit: my pants started getting snug as I inched up toward 150 again. Continue reading “Sizing Myself Up”