The Sweet Truth

I’m not feeling terribly inspired to blog tonight (I’m deeply entrenched in Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight saga, for anyone living under a rock like I apparently had been!) so forgive me for this being short and sweet (pardon the pun).

This evening I made delicious, decadent peppermint bark for my office cookie exchange tomorrow (you can see the recipe here), which capped off a complete chocoholic weekend.

Honest to God, I am so sick of sweets that I don’t think I’ll even be tempted by the goodies we’ll be sharing tomorrow! I simply overdid it.

Fortunately, we have lots of friends and neighbors to pawn the goodies off on, er, share the sugar with! Continue reading “The Sweet Truth”


Seeking Solace in Chocolate

chocolateOne of the joys of understanding anxiety and disordered eating behaviors is that I can now analyze the “whys.”

Before I just did stuff and didn’t know why I was doing it. That drove me insane because everyone always says, “there’s always a trigger; if hunger isn’t the problem, food isn’t the solution.”

Logically, I know this. But sometimes, chocolate IS the solution!

I don’t mean to imply it should be … just that sometimes, for me, it is. Continue reading “Seeking Solace in Chocolate”

Cravings … Sweet Cravings

reesesegg-smI’ve given into my cravings for the past week or so … usually in the form of chocolate.

Journaling everything, but not denying myself anything, really.

Which can be both positive and negative, depending on the situation.

The thing is, I’ve been an insatiable beast, and my period is over a week away!

My self-analysis says that I stopped the chewing/spitting, but am still buying some triggers … perhaps to test myself? The thing is, I don’t NEED any of it; I just WANT it.

So the next step is a logical one, don’t test yourself, don’t buy the triggers. Continue reading “Cravings … Sweet Cravings”

Melting Pot Fun

hpim1765Saturday night, my husband and I went to the Melting Pot to celebrate our second wedding anniversary (which is tomorrow).

We had a blast, and I’m so glad we went. I’d been with girlfriends in college, but he’d never been before. Since his love for cheese pretty much rivals my love for chocolate, I figured it was guaranteed to be a surefire success.

And oh, it was!

I planned (are you surprised?!) somewhat for the day by getting in a great cardio workout in the morning. I felt so good, I literally could have kept going, but knew that would be counter-productive if I ended up ravenous.

So we had a good brunch at home in the morning, then got dressed up, visited a friend and their new baby (totally made me want to have a baby — STAT!) and headed off to an early-ish dinner. (dinner at the Melting Pot is a 2 1/2-3 hr affair if you’ve never been, and it’s an hour away from us).

By the time we arrived at the Melting Pot, the aromas were enticing beyond belief, and I was super-hungry (usually I have an apple or something so I am not a wildebeast). But I wanted to save my appetite, and thought going hungry would be a good thing. And it was! Continue reading “Melting Pot Fun”