Bowing Down to the Drive-Thru Pharmacy

Confession: I used to think people who went to drive-thrus were lazy. But now that I’m the mom of a toddler who sometimes falls asleep in the car, or is having a meltdown, or is just too bundled up to envision dragging her out of the car to do a simple errand (or get a latte, let’s be honest, sometimes that IS a necessity) … a drive-thru can be a saving grace.

So I’m sorry to anyone I may have previously judged. You were in on some secret and now I feel like I’m part of the club. I get it now!

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Stars and Stripes and … Spots?!

Back when I was a kid, there was no such thing as the chicken pox vaccine. My mom and her besties had a “pox party” once the first of our group was infected and in no time at all, everyone had been given his/her rite of childhood passage: the chicken pox.

Everyone except me, that is.

While my siblings and friends were all covered head to toe in red spots, I literally had one pock (is that a word?). ONE. My pediatrician told my mom as far as he could tell, that was how mild my case was … but he couldn’t be 100% certain I was completely immune. Continue reading “Stars and Stripes and … Spots?!”