Me & Chex Mix = :(

(Note: no photo/image on purpose … must avoid this crack at all costs!)

Chex mix and I have a VERY abusive relationship.

The past few weeks, for reasons unbeknown to me, I’ve been ridiculously buying Chex mix (cheddar, honey nut, or most recently — the special edition cocoa!).

Chex mix which doesn’t fill me, is a waste of calories/Points, and leaves me always wanting more. I think it should be called Crack mix. Continue reading “Me & Chex Mix = :(“

Note to Self: Chex is Crack

Do not buy Chex mix. It is not worth the agony. Even that time of the month doesn’t warrant you to eat … four (!!!) servings in place of a balanced dinner. What were you THINKING?!

On the plus side, you had a kick-ass workout (cardio and some lifting), are reading a fabulous new book, your husband is done with his first semester of biz school at University of Michigan, and … it’s a new day Tuesday!

Signed, Self.