Moving On

Late last week, we had new carpet installed, a FOR SALE sign went up in our front yard, and our house was listed on the market. Whoa.

It’s bittersweet, for sure, but after seven years in our cozy little Cape Cod on Lovers Lane (no joke!), we are moving to a bigger home that better suits our family’s needs  — a split-level ranch with a much bigger backyard for Rocco to play … which is about a mile and a half from our current house!

I was surprised by how much this impending change has impacted both of us. In the harried craziness that is preparing to list your house … we didn’t really realize just how much we love our little casita and will miss it. It’s our first home we ever bought together (and our first big purchase as a married couple). We brought Rocco home to this house. We threw countless birthday parties and even Luis’s citizenship bash here. We BBQed a bajillion Sundays here. Had dozens of bonfires here (even introducing the concept of S’mores to several of our foreign friends). We traveled to places like Korea, Puerto Rico, Mexico, El Salvador, Jamaica and Spain from this house. We have had visitors from all around the world come stay with us. And, perhaps most sentimental: this is the house in which Maya spent her first two+ years of life: learned to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk, eat with a spoon, talk … She’s essentially “grown up” here. Continue reading “Moving On”


Change I Can Believe In

obama20hopeChange is coming to America, and the world … you can just feel it in the air, can’t you?

Ok, I might be exaggerating just a smidge, but I think you’d have to be living under a rock not to know that today, our nation’s newest president will be sworn in. It’s a historic moment … and also an American moment.

Regardless of party affiliations and loyalites, it feels like, for the first time in a long time, much of America is on the same page with where we want things to go in this country: we want change. And, in typical American fashion, we want it STAT. (Ok, we wanted it yesterday).

I’d be lying if I said I wished I weren’t there amid the throngs of celebrants. Back in 2000, my senior year of college, my friends and our boyfriends (now husbands) all bundled up in the sleet and snow and went downtown to watch the swearing-in ceremony thanks to some awesome tickets scored by a friend working for a senator at the time.

(OK, full disclosure, I went to see President Clinton and that was it). Anyway, it was quite an incredible experience being there first-hand in 2000, and today’s Inauguration is going to be even more momentous.

Yet the 2000 Inauguration was the last pre-9/11 inauguration and the world has changed dramatically. Today, President Obama will inherit essentially something comparable to World War 2 and the Great Depression combined. Change isn’t just important; it’s essential to the future of our country.

But with change on the horizon (and believe me, I am sooooo excited to see a change of government!!) it’s important, too, to remember that any change doesn’t take place immediately. Continue reading “Change I Can Believe In”

Our Own Worst Enemy

“Behavior is the key – changing it is the lock,” said a wise Weight Watcher recently on the Core message board.

She is so right; we are our own worst enemies. We have the power to unlock our potential and make positive changes in our lives, and often we don’t, or feel like we can’t … inadvertently holding ourselves back from reaching our goals.

And though she was referring to weight loss, the quote can be applied to virtually anything in life. For example, you can’t expect to ace your final exam if you haven’t studied the material all semester. You can’t dance in a recital if you don’t practice your routine. And you can’t write a novel if you don’t dedicate time to your craft.

I lost weight the old fashioned way–practicing eating less and exercising more until it became an ingrained habit. And because I changed my behavior by becoming a much cleaner eater and keeping up my exercise routine, most of the weight has stayed off. Continue reading “Our Own Worst Enemy”