Change is Good, Change is Good …

Random photo from my walk tonight --- luck?! 🙂

While our office is being completely renovated over the next three months, my 100+ co-workers and I have relocated to a new building just down the street that is well … let’s just say VERY different from our original space. I won’t go into the details, since it’s not really relevant to my blog, but one thing that IS relevant is how exposed we all are in this new space.

We’re sitting out in the open, in very close quarters, without the protection of our office walls. This means every time we speak on the phone, open a bag of pretzels, or get up to go to the bathroom is suddenly on display. And I have to admit, it’s weird! Some of my readers can attest to this. 😉

If anything, I think this will definitely cut back on mindless eating at work, because I won’t want to look like a piggy … previously, I could nosh all day if I wanted to, and no one would see me. Now, it’s like HELLO there she is! Continue reading “Change is Good, Change is Good …”