A Turning Point?

Maybe we are FINALLY turning a page with respect to post-partum body image.

When Kate Middleton stepped out of the hospital — not even 24-hours post-partum — she stood there, cupping her still-swollen belly looking absolutely radiant … and moms around the world cheered. Here she was, looking like we all do after delivering a baby: exhausted, puffy, and still looking 6-mths pregnant. Continue reading “A Turning Point?”


Demi Moore on Body Image; Pregnancy

I’ve always admired Demi Moore as an actress, but also for her amazing body that she (unlike a lot of celebrities) admits she works hard for.

Somehow in my head she was excused from the usual body image issues most women seem to struggle with.

She seems to just exude body confidence.

So I admit, I was a little surprised that she — someone who was the first pregnant woman to pose naked on a magazine cover and who has since graced countless covers, well into her 40s — could have had any body image issues of her own, especially since she has one of the most coveted figures in Hollywood.

And now at 47, she and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, are talking about having a baby of their own. She opened up about how she hopes this time, it will be different. Continue reading “Demi Moore on Body Image; Pregnancy”

Good Read

A friend passed this article on to me from Sunday’s New York Times, called Bingeing On Celebrity Weight Battles.”

Definitely a good read that speaks to pretty much the cover of every celebrity rag out there. The article made some really valid points.

I know that I fall victim to reading the celebrity rags for entertainment, but I am so sick of seeing every celebrity moaning about their weight, or going on some crash diet and then “reappearing” looking thin again, saying they felt “massive” or “huge” at their former weight (i.e., often my weight, or worse, my weight when I was at goal, which was not maintainable for me anyway!!) Continue reading “Good Read”

Book Review: Monica Seles’s “Getting a Grip”

Eating disorders are not a taboo subject anymore in the media. We mostly hear speculation about starving celebs, celebs who seem to be in a constant battle to under-weigh one another, abuse drugs or laxatives or pills to stay skinny.

And sure, we hear about celebs like Oprah and Kirstie Alley who have fought public wars with their weight over and over again … but other than them, it’s not too common that we hear about a celebrity/professional athlete dealing with emotional eating issues or binge-eating disorder. That is, until now.

In the riveting new book Getting a Grip, tennis phenom Monica Seles reveals the secret battles she was waging off the court, following her stabbing during a match with Steffi Graf and the death of her father to cancer. As depression and anxiety plagued her, food became a drug that numbed her.

Getting a Grip is her story of how she came to know herself outside of tennis, overcame binge eating/emotional eating and took back her life.

And it’s a pure inspiration.

When US Weekly does it’s column, “Stars, they’re just like us,” I usually laugh because they’re so silly. Wow, a celeb dad walking his kid into an ice cream shoppe. How … novel?! Right. That’s certainly nothing to write home about.

But Monica Seles’ journey has “just like us” written all over it. It’s truly one that I think so many people — women in particular — will be able to relate to. I know I could.

I admit up front that prior to reading her book, my knowledge of Monica Seles and my interest in the professional tennis world was a big fat “Nothing,” but when I read an excerpt from her book in SELF recently I knew this was a book I wanted to read.

I was approached by her publisher and they sent me a copy and asked me to do a review so … here I am! Continue reading “Book Review: Monica Seles’s “Getting a Grip””

On Messaging …

magical-weave-mirror2Last week, I was shocked when I was contacted by someone working for the publisher of Fitness magazine (of which I have been a loyal reader for years now).

I was initially flabbergasted — and flattered — to see that I’d been “found” in the blogosphere by such a huge magazine.

But then I remembered I rank #1 and #2 in Google when you Google “disordered eater” … so perhaps it wasn’t so surprising that eventually something like this would happen.

Anyway, it turns out that the contact was looking for bloggers to share with their readers a new package –the workout, diet and exercise routines of 50 celebrities.

In return, the FitnessMagazine.com blog would link back to the bloggers who shared the links with their readers, driving traffic to those blogs.

Now, I read Fitness magazine and while I don’t necessarily “Drink the Kool-Aid,” so to speak, I do love the tips I find in this (and all of) my health and fitness magazines.

That said, there’s a time and place for everything … and so, despite being stoked about the notion of getting a plug from Fitness magazine, I began to question if my blog about disordered eating was the proper place. Continue reading “On Messaging …”