Melissa’s Strength Training Program

hpim18552You might recall that about a month ago I met with my trainer, Cristi, for the first time.

We went through one sample “day” each time we met, but because of my trip to Mexico and then being out sick for a week, it literally took us five sessions to get through everything.

Now I’ve completed a little over a week on my own, and I thought I’d share what my regimen looks like.

She isn’t hell-bent on cardio the way I am, but though I’m not stating it explicitly with each session, you can assume I’m doing 45-60 minutes cardio six days a week, in addition to this lifting schedule (with random biking and walking thrown in when the weather cooperates).

Knowing my goals (to slim down again and get toned) she designed my lifting program to be heavily cardio-centric. In fact, I wear my heart rate monitor the whole time and because I’m doing super-sets with limited time to rest, my heart rate really gets up there even while lifting Continue reading “Melissa’s Strength Training Program”


Crazy Sore, Crazy Good

weight-liftingI have a confession to make: I haven’t lifted in three months.

Yup, you heard me.

Although I know how good for me is, although I know how good lifting makes me feel … I’ve been painfully negligent of this portion of my workout routine.

And it’s showing. On the scale, how my clothes fit, the little bit of chub that has made its appearance on my hips. I don’t have a muffin top yet … but I’ll be on my way if I’m not careful!

The reasoning for my lack of lifting is simple: I know I can sweat out 400-500 calories in my cardio sessions (my Polar F6 heart rate monitor serves as a personal trainer) and then by the time I’m done, I’m spent.

The thought of pumping iron at that point is just “eh” and then I say, “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow … ” I used to spend 90 min. or more at the gym back in the day, and I just don’t want to go back there, where I was obsessed with gym-time. Continue reading “Crazy Sore, Crazy Good”