“It’s Not Just About You Anymore.”

I was literally hit from behind on Friday with this startling realization.

I was on my lunch-break, driving to get a sandwich and run to Target, when — at a STOP LIGHT where I was waiting for it to turn green — I got rear-ended by an impatient car behind me.

It wasn’t a hard impact, my air bag didn’t deploy, and there was no damage to me or my car … but it didn’t matter. I’m seven + months pregnant, and needed to take action just in case (I have a friend who went into preterm labor in this exact same scenario).

I called my husband, told him what had happened and that I was OK and everything, and proceeded to get my lunch at Subway. But then on the drive back (about 10 min. had passed in total since the accident) I realized I hadn’t been feeling any movement since before it had happened … and started to panic and have scary “what if” thoughts running through my head. Sure, I felt fine and my car was fine but how did I know with certainty that Maya was also fine?! I didn’t. ūüė¶ Continue reading ““It’s Not Just About You Anymore.””

Fill It Up, Premium Please

premiumSomething I learned early on in my relationship with my husband was that although he came from a poor, developing country where he had very little growing up (material-wise) he grew up surrounded by wealth, in the form of an amazing family and lots of love. 

That notion of wealth was something we had in common, despite being from different worlds, and it bonded us instantly.

Because of his humble¬†upbringing,¬†he took¬†great pride in saving to buy something special and, therefore¬†took excellent care of the few material things he had. To this day, non-material things matter most to him. But like many guys, he does love his toys: specifically cars,¬†power tools¬†and electronics. Continue reading “Fill It Up, Premium Please”

Buy or Lease?

Car ShoppingHaving both bought and leased in the past, this weekend I found myself rehashing the pros and cons of buying versus leasing a new car.

Because of how my brain works, it got me thinking about health and weight loss and how relevant the buy vs. lease notion really is.

Confused? Promise I’ll explain. But first, a little back-story that leads me to today’s theorizing. ūüôā

Back in 2004, I leased my first new car, a 2004 Honda Civic, which I adore. I bought this car with my dear friend Jason.

He’d just bought a new Accord, and so we’d gone to “look” for me, since I’d been in the market for wheels. I never needed them living in DC, but I was living in Arlington and was about to move to Silver Spring … grocery shopping is tough when you’re without a car.

February 28, 2004, I took the Metro to meet him at the Greenbelt station to go to Owings Mills, MD … and found myself driving home in my new car! (I-95 and the Beltway is scary when you’ve never driven them … !)

Anyway, the salesman brought out Black Pearl (my car) for me to drive and it was love at first sight/first drive. The car was mine. I called my parents and my now-hubby, who was still living in El Salvador, to share my news before I signed any papers, got her insured, and was on my way! Continue reading “Buy or Lease?”