Maya’s Birth

Hello and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the holiday! I’m so sorry it took me so long to write this post, but between being at the hospital til Tuesday and then adjusting to life at home the past few days, it hasn’t been easy to find a minute on the computer.

And, even if I could, my hubby is home this week and so I didn’t want to take away from potential family time but as I write this now, he’s sound asleep as well as Maya and Rocco. It’s just me up right now.

So … I’m a mommy!

Friday night we went out for our last “just us” dinner and then my mom arrived. We chatted for a while and then she went to her hotel. I didn’t sleep barely a wink, so coupled with only two hours sleep Thursday, I was a hot mess Saturday morning. I wrote Maya a letter we will tuck into her baby book, wrote in my journal, and checked my bag a million times over.

Then, I showered, did my hair and put on a little make-up (no, I’m not kidding–I wanted to meet Maya looking my best ;)), took one last pic with my big belly, and then we were off. It was bitter cold and flurrying–typical Michigan!

We met my mom in the pre-op room where we waited for about two hours. We had a little trouble with the IV (I have small veins so it took them a while to get it right) and I was given lots of meds including an anti-nausea lemony (NASTY) “shot” to swallow, but mostly we just talked. Continue reading “Maya’s Birth”


Three Days … !

In three days, I will be holding my baby girl in my arms. Less than 75 hours. Do you know how mind-blowing that is?! (OK, yes, I’m sure you do, but allow me to marvel!).

Though I’ve always been freaked about not knowing  the “when”  (or “how”) when  it comes to labor and delivery, I have to admit, I think it’s equally bizarre to know!

December 18, 2010, I will become a mother … and though I’ve been known in my family as “Copernicus” for years …  I have never felt as selfless as I do now. Continue reading “Three Days … !”

Fears and Anxieties Rearing Their Ugly Head

No, no, I haven’t gone back into the depths of disordered eating despair and my gym membership is on hold so rest assured I’m not over-exercising (or moving anything except my mouth to eat and legs to walk) … but I am experiencing a resurgence of anxiety that I haven’t felt in a long, long time. The difference is, this time it feels wholly different–I think because I can pin-point exactly what I’m anxious about.

I debated sharing it here on the blog, but this is my outlet and I’d be lying to myself if I didn’t admit it: I’m scared of the C-section; scared of dying on the operating table. Continue reading “Fears and Anxieties Rearing Their Ugly Head”

December 18!

I had my OB appointment this morning and everything checked out good: good uterus measurements, good strong heart beat, good weight gain.

My doctor agreed with perinatology’s recommendation for a scheduled C-section; he said this is a unique situation, what with her size and the nuchal cord … and I know he wouldn’t recommend this procedure unless he stood firmly behind it (I’ve said before, he’s very pro-natural birth so for him to be recommending the C-section means it isn’t without justification).

This isn’t a matter of convenience for the doctor or for the mother, as you hear about all too often today … and I think I need to stop feeling hung up on that. In my case, it’s a medical recommendation. As my husband keeps reminding me: this delivery method is safer/less-risky for her health and well-being. While he doesn’t exactly love the idea of surgery (i.e., me being cut open) either, he recognizes the need and I’m coming to terms with it, myself. Continue reading “December 18!”

And Drama Ensues …

Today just rounded out one cluster of a week. My regular bi-weekly OB appointment went well — Maya’s heart beat was strong and steady at 140 (120-160 is normal) and my uterus grew another 3 cm to 33 cm.

When he pressed to find my pubic bone to measure my uterus height, he noticed the bones there are starting to separate a smidge (a good sign, though it sounds horrific!). They also tested the iron in my blood (which was excellent) and weighed me. I’m up 19 lbs total for my pregnancy and he was VERY pleased with that. His concerns that I wasn’t gaining enough have been allayed; I think she just must have hit a growth spurt or something before that uncomfortable visit.

Anyway, what was disconcerting (in addition to the fact that I’ll need to do non stress tests twice a week from here on out) is that, depending on what progress the 36-week ultrasound shows, I might have to induced early (like 39 weeks) or have a C-section because of the risks associated with the nuchal cord situation. Continue reading “And Drama Ensues …”