Hating on Buffets

Hello, food!
Hello, food!
I love to eat. And I love variety.

As a little girl, some of my favorite family memories are of buffets we’d go to on vacation. While visiting relatives down south, we’d always stop at Shoney’s … the Holy Grail of quick, economical road eats.

For my parents, it was easy: all three nagging kids could get what they wanted, and without the fuss of a sit-down restaurant.

As we got older, we’d go to buffet brunches at nice restaurants or hotels on holidays or special occassions. I’d usually stuff myself senseless, going up for seconds, thirds … (why not?) as we’d languish around the table.

In college, our dining hall was catered by Marriott, various food stations and … all you can eat. And ate I did.

So it’s ironic that I now loathe the mere thought of a buffet. Continue reading “Hating on Buffets”