Interview With Dara Chadwick!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a safe, happy and healthy holiday weekend. Mine was fantastic, and I’m not looking forward to a full five-day work week, that’s for sure!

Anyway …

Dara Chadwick, author of the book You’d Be So Pretty If … (Click here for my review) graciously agreed to answer some questions for us here today. Take a look at her interview below, in her own words. Thanks again, Dara! 🙂

1. You speak very openly about your own relationship with your mom, and I just want to say how very proud of you I am sure she’d be. Have you ever spoken with your own daughter about how your mom (her grandmother) shaped your self-image?
Thanks for that…my mom was not just a mom to me; she was also a good friend and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. I’ve talked to my daughter about how her grandma felt about her body, but the subject came up mostly when I was writing the book and in subsequent interviews. The discussions we’ve had have been eye-opening for both of us.

2. What stood out for me most in the book was the notion that we, as women, lay the blueprint for how our daughters view themselves. Could you elaborate here for our audience, many of whom have recovered/are recovering from disordered eating or an eating disorder?
Think of it this way – you’re modeling for your daughter what it means to be a grown-up woman. What you think about, obsess about, laugh about and cry about teaches her what you value, and those values are shaping how she sees herself now and how she’ll see herself as an adult. During my year as Shape’s Weight-Loss Diary columnist, I realized that I wanted to show my daughter that taking care of my health — and being content with who and what I am – is what I value. If you’re struggling with an eating disorder, you can model healthy behavior for your daughter by seeking help for yourself. Continue reading “Interview With Dara Chadwick!”

Book Review: You’d Be So Pretty If … 

bookcoverI don’t have a daughter — let alone a pre-teen daughter– yet. But if I did, you can bet I’d be reading Dara Chadwick’s You’d Be So Pretty If .

In fact, I’ll make sure to keep my copy on hand for when the time comes, because I believe it will come in handy.

In a quick synopsis, it’s a book that explores body image and the critical relationship between mothers and daughters — particularly during the tricky pre-teen years — and how our behaviors and how we carry ourselves as women is passed on to our daughters.

A fast-moving book, it reads as part memoir and part how-to-guide.

Chadwick explores the challenges she faced undergoing her transformation as SHAPE magazine’s Weight Loss Diarist in 2007. Continue reading “Book Review: You’d Be So Pretty If … 

Master Your Metabolism

51C3IEtdF6L._SL500_AA240_I think it goes without saying that I love to read about nutrition, fitness, and overall health.

It’s a hobby, a passion, an interest — for better or for worse.

I kind of have a girl-crush on Jillian Michaels, as do many other bloggers out there, apparently! I love her Shred videos, and am going to start listening to her pod-casts.

I first heard about her new book, Master Your Metabolism, on LovINMyTummy yesterday.

Now I want to read it, myself! Continue reading “Master Your Metabolism”

Book Review: Monica Seles’s “Getting a Grip”

Eating disorders are not a taboo subject anymore in the media. We mostly hear speculation about starving celebs, celebs who seem to be in a constant battle to under-weigh one another, abuse drugs or laxatives or pills to stay skinny.

And sure, we hear about celebs like Oprah and Kirstie Alley who have fought public wars with their weight over and over again … but other than them, it’s not too common that we hear about a celebrity/professional athlete dealing with emotional eating issues or binge-eating disorder. That is, until now.

In the riveting new book Getting a Grip, tennis phenom Monica Seles reveals the secret battles she was waging off the court, following her stabbing during a match with Steffi Graf and the death of her father to cancer. As depression and anxiety plagued her, food became a drug that numbed her.

Getting a Grip is her story of how she came to know herself outside of tennis, overcame binge eating/emotional eating and took back her life.

And it’s a pure inspiration.

When US Weekly does it’s column, “Stars, they’re just like us,” I usually laugh because they’re so silly. Wow, a celeb dad walking his kid into an ice cream shoppe. How … novel?! Right. That’s certainly nothing to write home about.

But Monica Seles’ journey has “just like us” written all over it. It’s truly one that I think so many people — women in particular — will be able to relate to. I know I could.

I admit up front that prior to reading her book, my knowledge of Monica Seles and my interest in the professional tennis world was a big fat “Nothing,” but when I read an excerpt from her book in SELF recently I knew this was a book I wanted to read.

I was approached by her publisher and they sent me a copy and asked me to do a review so … here I am! Continue reading “Book Review: Monica Seles’s “Getting a Grip””

Upcoming Review: “Getting a Grip”

I blogged about wanting to read tennis great Monica Seles’ latest book, Getting a Grip a while back. The book explores her journey to overcome emotional/binge eating in the face of great adversity, and showcases her ability to triumph both on and off the court in her ultimate battle with weight and self-acceptance.

Well, last week her publisher sent me an e-mail asking if I’d be interested in reviewing the book … would I ever!! The book arrived today, and I hope to have a review out by this weekend. I can’t wait; I think it’ll be extremely relatable and I’m eager to begin it tonight 🙂

Has anyone read this yet?

Book Giveaway: Beating Ana by Shannon Cutts

mailIn honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I was recently contacted about the upcoming release of the new book, Beating Ana: How to Outsmart Your Eating Disorder and Take Your Life Back by author Shannon Cutts.

As part of her blogosphere book tour to promote her new book. I will be receiving a copy to review shortly, and I wanted to offer one of my readers an opportunity to win a free copy of her book.

In a couple weeks, I will be interviewing Shannon here on my blog, after I have read/review the book myself.

According to materials I received, “In Beating Ana, Shannon reveals her own struggle with ED, introduces readers of six amazing women who have fought the same battle, and focuses on the need for those who suffer from eating disorders to look to mentors and sponsors to enable them to win.” Continue reading “Book Giveaway: Beating Ana by Shannon Cutts”