The Haters Will Hate

Stella, who I blogged about yesterday, wrote on her blog about her experience of being featured on Humans of New York.

Her words are really powerful and I hope you will take the time to read them. She hadn’t know the photo to be posted would be the half-dressed one … and she had a lot of mixed feelings — especially about the judgment and criticism she’s been facing since the photo went viral. Continue reading “The Haters Will Hate”


Body Love

Stella, pictured in a self-portrait

A dear friend sent me this picture and message she saw via a Facebook group called Humans of New York.

I was blown away looking at this. I admire any woman who is brave enough to show her body in a bikini — and especially one whose figure isn’t model-perfect.

Bravo to Stella for baring it all and for coming to terms with her beautiful shape — uniquely hers. I don’t know that I’d ever be brave enough to do what she did, but we can all learn a lot from Stella.

Truly, confidence comes from within. And it exudes — no, radiates! — on the outside. You’re an inspiration, Stella! Continue reading “Body Love”