Outside influences on body image

Body image issues can begin anywhere.

Maybe it was your well-meaning dad who suggested you back off from seconds at Thanksgiving one year — and you never forgot it.

Maybe it was your thin older sister who was constantly dieting, making you feel uncomfortable for every bite you took.

Maybe it was seeing your mom pinching her hips in the mirror every morning or stepping on the scale multiple times a day. Continue reading “Outside influences on body image”


The Trap

Facebook’s news ticker can be a distraction at times, but then there are days like today when a friend comments on a post or article and I click over and read it … and am truly blown away. It was calledAn Open Apology to All of My Weight Loss Clients,” and reading it, I was near-tears. The author’s words are amazingly powerful and so brutally honest. Continue reading “The Trap”

A Turning Point?

Maybe we are FINALLY turning a page with respect to post-partum body image.

When Kate Middleton stepped out of the hospital — not even 24-hours post-partum — she stood there, cupping her still-swollen belly looking absolutely radiant … and moms around the world cheered. Here she was, looking like we all do after delivering a baby: exhausted, puffy, and still looking 6-mths pregnant. Continue reading “A Turning Point?”

Average Barbie? YES, PLEASE.

Two words to share after reading this article (‘Normal’ Barbie By Nickolay Lamm Shows Us What Mattel Dolls Might Look Like If Based On Actual Women) on Huffington Post.


I would buy these in a heartbeat. From the age of about three, little girls define beauty generally by two women: their moms and Barbies. Why doesn’t Mattel create a more average-looking Barbie? We all know real-life Barbie proportions are next to impossible and, more important, dangerous.

So why not turn these prototypes into real products? Continue reading “Average Barbie? YES, PLEASE.”

Poignant Read for All Women …

A friend posted this article on Facebook today and I couldn’t help but tear up reading it. Like the author of this post, my mom is my hero, too … for a multitude of reasons.

And I am forever grateful that it wasn’t until much later in life I ever heard my mom mention her weight. If she had thoughts, she kept them to herself. I never saw her preening in the mirror, “body-checking” or complaining to my dad about her body. She never made me feel bad about my own weight — nor did she ever draw attention to hers. She was just MOM. Continue reading “Poignant Read for All Women …”

Weighty Matters

Confession time: I am human.

OK, I know you already know that, but hear me out. Because for all of the acceptance I’ve come to experience in terms of my own body confidence, I am pregnant and therefore, gaining weight. This is fine — it’s what should be happening, and what I am totally grateful for … believe me, I know how lucky I am to be in this position right now!

But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard some days. See, it seems like everyone I know right now (in real life and the blogosphere) is on an intense weight-loss mission. Maybe it’s summer coming … who knows. They’re dieting and/or ramping up their exercise. They are doing awesome and I’m completely proud of their hard work and efforts — their commitment is infectious.

But while their resistance muscles are strong — and mine WAS strong at one point — it is now weak. I am pregnant, and I simply cannot jump on this bandwagon. Continue reading “Weighty Matters”