Helping a Friend …

melissa's adAs many of you may already know, I have been asked about accepting advertisers on my blog–but I decided against it a long time ago because I wanted to be able to control the messaging.

For example, I knew with Google AdSense, I could end up with all kinds of irrelevant ads, or ads about cleanses, or diet pills and magic weight loss garbage–stuff totally NOT on message for my blog.

So I decided if I were to ever accept advertisements of any kind, it’d have to be something I really believe in.

I don’t get paid to blog; I do it in my free time because I love it, and because I love being an advocate–knowing I can help others through my own trials and triumphs. But sometimes something awesome comes along and you have to “carpe diem”!

Well, a dear friend of mine (and blog reader!) has an online make-up store she created with her cousin that I love to pieces called Beauty is Relative.

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