A Bit of a Winter Rut … But Grateful for the Good

winter20forest1Therapy has helped me understand that many of my disordered eating issues stem from (or are manifestations of) anxiety.

In other words, even though I am not necessarily thinking of the current source of my anxiety at 2 a.m. in the kitchen, or in my car, or whenever/wherever … my subconscious has a way of getting in my brain and leaving its proverbial mark.

And for me, I take it out in one of two ways:

1) Over-exercising (pushing myself physically to distract my mind from what is really going on)
2) Emotional eating (as in, eating when not hungry; not a binge, but eating something to seek comfort instead of facing the problem — I’d count many, but not all, of my “midnight incidents” in this category).

Blog reader and friend Cathy shared this insanely relevant exercise she found via a Bob Greene/Oprah podcast. You lay out the following areas of your life and pick the ones that are harming you emotionally the most, and you explore ways to change them … or improve them if they can’t be changed. It’s a way to home in on what is stressing you, to dig deeper into the depths of anxiety. Continue reading “A Bit of a Winter Rut … But Grateful for the Good”


Guest Post at Run4Change

Fellow blogger and blog reader Jason at Run4Change— who has lost an astounding amount of weight through running and Weight Watchers and has a blog devoted to healthy living — asked me to write a guest post for his blog. Check out “Weight Isn’t the Problem; It’s a Symptom of Something Else.” It’s based on Oprah’s trainer Bob Greene’s interview with Larry King earlier this week.

I welcome your input here or on his blog! Continue reading “Guest Post at Run4Change”