LIKE Me, Please?

When Facebook changed its language from “FAN US” to “LIKE US” I was among the first to think it was the dumbest choice of words ever.

A year later, I’m not laughing … EVERYBODY wants to be liked … every brand, person, organization … and I’ve caved.

Yup, I’ve created a Facebook page for my blog, where I hope to open up conversations that begin here on the blog. You can like it here. Continue reading “LIKE Me, Please?”


*Big* Changes at Tales!

Welcome to my new blog, Let There Be Light. 🙂

My domain was set to expire in June and I wanted to change the name ASAP.  I hope you like the new look! I bought the domain  ( and got to work! So if you want to change your RSS feeds please go ahead — though the old site will redirect. (Thank you again to Staci for my maternity shots and newborn shots–which are now on my blog!)

I’m really excited about this change. I chose this title because I feel like there is so much light in my life right now … and also because, at times, I might need some inspiration. Hence the “let there be” part of things.

So you’re probably wondering … what is she going to blog about now? Is she going to delete all the disordered eating/recovery/body image stuff? Continue reading “*Big* Changes at Tales!”

Authenticity in the Digital Space

Like most of us, I wear many hats: mom, wife, blogger, PR girl, social media fiend.

And since I work AND play in the digital space, it’s a tough balancing act sometimes.

The #1 rule in being a good communicator is to know your audience. But what if your audience is as varied and complex as you are? How can one be authentic if  you’re shying away from who you are in some circles? This, I’m learning, is one of the biggest challenges of being active in social media.

I’ve never hid my hats — as you know, I tend to be a “lay it all out there on the table” kind of girl.

But I do generally use discretion with what gets posted where. Continue reading “Authenticity in the Digital Space”

From “Disordered” to “(Recovering) Disordered” to “Recovered Disordered”

My blog has gone through many changes in the nearly three years I’ve been writing (click here for my first post!). While I’ve undergone many physical and emotional changes in that time, the title of this post expresses the surface changes. (And once I can figure out how to edit my darn blog’s custom header I will!)

What does it mean to be “recovered”? I used to question this all the time, and still do.

Let’s look at the facts:

-I’m not chewing/spitting.

-I’m not over-exercising.

-I’m not waking and, half-asleep, eating in the middle of the night.

Those were the methods of my madness, er, disorderedness.

They are in my past. Continue reading “From “Disordered” to “(Recovering) Disordered” to “Recovered Disordered””

Putting a Name to Face

This weekend I had the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful lunch with a super-sweet blog reader, Alison. It felt like I was catching up with an old friend and I had a blast — thanks, Alison, we totally need to do it again soon, on your side of the state 😉

Every time I meet a friend in real life who I got to know in cyberspace or the blogosphere, I’m struck by the (beautiful!) irony of the situation.

Given the sensitive and taboo nature of my blog, it started out as a very anonymous blog … and then in time I got more comfortable with the idea of putting my name/face out there as a voice in recovery. Being so open has worked in my favor. In addition to having the support of my loved ones, now, in the past two years, I was interviewed for Fitness magazine about my exercise addiction history; went to a blogger meet-and-greet; and spoken at the FitBloggin’ conference … all very public “outings.” Continue reading “Putting a Name to Face”

Cool Listing for Tales

Allow me a bit of shameless self-promotion: I just learned my blog was listed among the 50 Best Blogs For Beating Food Addiction!

When I find out stuff like this, it truly affirms that my blog has a purpose and a mission that is being fulfilled, even on days when I wonder if I’m writing for the crickets.

My #1 goal all along was to raise awareness and help others struggling with disordered eating/body image issues as I helped myself. I would still like to do more, but for now … I’m feeling darn content!!

Drama in the Blogosphere

One of the first blogs I read was Eat, Live, Run, written by Jenna.

Right off the bat, I loved her easy style and her photos, and appreciate how she balances healthy living with moderate indulgences.

As a recovering disordered eater, I really loved how she seemed to have a very healthy relationship with food and would often check out her blog (as well as Kath Eats Real Food) to see how healthy, fit women eat.

After being away for the weekend (more on that later; it was wonderful!!!) I finally caught up with my Google Reader and I have to say, my heart broke for Jenna when I caught wind of the posts she did this weekend.

You see, toward the end of this post,  Jenna admits that (for several reasons) though she’d been planning to do a 100-mile endurance bike ride for charity (with the proceeds benefiting cancer research), she will be doing the 60-mile race instead. Basically, she’s doing the same race, just different distance –– all proceeds still going to charity. Continue reading “Drama in the Blogosphere”

The Law of Dimishing Returns

Sometimes our bodies are smarter than we give them credit for. I actually attempted the gym tonight … and made it 5 minutes before feeling exhausted. I hope I’m not getting sick because this is very unlike me. Rocco and I took two walks, but they weren’t really “walks” since basically it’s a bunch of stop-and-go and he can’t go more than a half mile in either direction yet. Someday …

I was thinking today of the law of diminishing returns and how I related it to blogging about a year ago and how I am relating it to my feelings about exercise right now.

If you’re not familiar with the economic theory, the law of diminishing returns basically says there is a tipping point, where basically there are “too many cooks in the kitchen” (i.e., too much noise) and production (progress, value, etc.) halts. The key in business, blogging, exercise, anything really — is to find that delicate, balanced point where things are in harmony.

Having said that, I think right now I’m in jeopardy of tipping that balance in an unfavorable way, even if I’m technically the only cook in my kitchen. So I’m going to take the next few days for some self-exploration. I think I need it, and don’t want to bore you — my readers — with stories about Rocco! Please bear with me … thanks!

Is Food Photojournaling Really Just Disordered Eating in Disguise?

This is a cross-post at You can read it here or after the jump. Continue reading “Is Food Photojournaling Really Just Disordered Eating in Disguise?”

The Last Word

It probably comes as little surprise that my favorite “Little Miss” book was “Little Miss Chatterbox” as a kid.

I grew up being called “Mouth” and have a tendency to speak before thinking. As a result, all too often, I’ve put my foot (or left leg) in my mouth.

As you can imagine, I’ve found solace in the blogging community — where I have had free reign to say whatever comes to mind (for the most part).

One could argue blogging is a self-indulgent activity: putting your thoughts and feelings out there for the world to see.

But the truth is, I didn’t begin blogging to cultivate an audience. Rather, in the beginning, I used blogotherapy as a personal outlet —  a one-way street  (which, I should note, goes against absolutely everything I know today about how successful social media strategies work). Continue reading “The Last Word”