Ugh, Baby, My Bladder!

I’ve always had a pea-sized bladder. It’s a family joke;  we kids all have small bladders which meant lots of rest stops on family vacations.

I was the kid on a field trip who never had to be asked, “Are you suuuuure you don’t have to go” and who never needed prodding to “try.”

Even today, road trips are pretty challenging for me (and my companions who have to stop every other hour…!).

To say I know every single rest stop by name (and can tell you which food you could find at each) along I-95 between D.C. and N.J. would be a dramatic understatement.

And when I lived in El Salvador (or visit) and we would drive to the beach, always I knew where to find the nicest Esso stations along the way.

As a matter of pre-emption, I usually try to (duh) not drink a lot on road trips and to limit what I do drink so as not to need to stop multiple extra times (hey, a girl’s gotta hydrate!). At work and at home, I drink a ton of water, but I have easy access to a bathroom in both places.

Being pregnant has, as anyone can imagine, taken my pea-sized bladder to a whole new level. Continue reading “Ugh, Baby, My Bladder!