Back on the Bike!

Biking has long been one of my favorite physical activities. It’s something Luis and I have enjoyed as a couple, and it’s something I’ve also enjoyed on my own. Some people run to clear their heads … I like to bike.That said, it’s been forever since I got on a bike. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to bike or I’ve been lazy; it’s more circumstantial than anything.

Though my OB never said I should stop biking once I was pregnant with Maya, I had a whole host of complications and I made the executive decision to lay off the bike. Anything that could potentially put me — or her — at risk just seemed silly and not worth it.

Then she was born … and life as we knew it completely changed. I was lucky to get in a shower, let alone the thought of heading out for a solo bike ride.

Several months after she was born, I did my first solo ride … but it was a one time deal. I was still nursing and didn’t want to give up family time at night. We considered a bike trailer, but even last summer she was too small for it. And though we could take turns and ride solo, that didn’t seem like much fun.

Which is why this weekend’s Craig’s List purchase has me grinning from ear to ear. Continue reading “Back on the Bike!”

NEWS FLASH: Michigan’s Out of Hibernation!

michigan-road-mapThis was the first true spring weekend here in Michigan, and it seems like the whole state was outside.

See, I’m not used to eternal winters. I’m used to four seasons. I grew up on the East Coast (northern N.J.) and went to college/grad school in D.C. In both places, each season is about four months long, and the winters are harsh, but not always terrible; the summers hot, but not always brutal.

Now I live in Michigan, where our first snowfall came in October and we just had our last dusting just two weeks ago — in April. Um, yea. Let me tell you, for as much as I dislike half a year of winter, my Salvadoran husband really doesn’t dig it!)

In our three years of living here, I think it’s safe to say that we have a loooooooooooooooooong winter, a flirt with spring, a hot summer, a rendezvous with fall (bursting colors, quite gorgeous) — and then winter comes … covering the leaves before they’ve all fallen off the trees … And we repeat. Continue reading “NEWS FLASH: Michigan’s Out of Hibernation!”

Against the Wind & A Book Rec.

Wednesdays my husband has class and I am on my own all night. We’re very fortunate to live with a fantastic bike path literally right behind our house (ok, technically, a creek separates us from the path, but the entrance is close by!).

Anyway, since it was so nice out, I decided to go for a bike ride … and let me tell you, that clear blue sky was rather deceiving!! I swear, I nearly fell off my bike several times thanks to the crazy, wild wind.

I always wear my HRM when I work out and since I was going to the gym later to lift anyway, I had it on and I’ll tell you — the wind made a difference in terms of how hard I had to pump my legs and how hard it was to stay upright. In addition, my trek usually takes me 42 minutes … but tonight took 45 even, thanks to the gusts.

In addition, I burned an extra 40 calories compared to what I normally burn for the ride! There’s something to be said for working out outdoors … and biking (or running) against the wind. Continue reading “Against the Wind & A Book Rec.”

Sweating is Good; Sweating Together is Better

Being such an exercise fiend, I don’t think I could date someone or marry someone that wasn’t as active as I am.

I hope that doesn’t make me sound bad …

I know not everyone is a fitness freak like me (and I don’t think anyone should be!), but healthy habits (such as exercise) are pretty important to me — and I like knowing they’re important to my husband, too.

I kinda want him around for a long, long time; ya know, that whole ’til death do us part’ thing?!

Like me, my husband uses exercise as a stress-reliever and a means to stay fit. But whereas he likes soccer and racquetball, I prefer the elliptical (with arms) and free-weights at the gym.

Together, we often run, walk or bike together. It’s a great way to spend quality time as a couple, and also to do something fun that’s also good for our physical and mental well-being. Continue reading “Sweating is Good; Sweating Together is Better”

Biking Through the Years: Against Stress, Towards Freedom

I don’t know about you, but I had the pink Huffy with the banana seat and the white basket in front that every other little girl in my neighborhood seemed to have back in the early 80s.

(Yes, I looked for an image and sadly no, I couldn’t find one!)

It was my first bike, and once the training wheels came off, it carried me everywhere my parents would let it go… (which usually just meant a couple laps around the cul-de-sac til I was about 10!)

Back then, my bike meant temporary freedom and independence. Without a care in the world back then, I didn’t see it as a fitness tool, an adventure-provider, a stress reliever … And surely I didn’t view it as a practical mode of transportation like I do now.

It was, quite simply, a way to escape from my “annoying” little siblings. Continue reading “Biking Through the Years: Against Stress, Towards Freedom”