Nesting is a very real phenomenon. Of course, before becoming a mom myself, I thought nesting was just an excuse to decorate a nursery. But in actuality, I learned it’s a legit thing, and it’s quite therapeutic.

And now — at nearly 33 weeks — I’m finally in the nesting stage … and there’s no turning around! Continue reading “Nesting”

Rock Me

It’s been a long time since we regularly rocked Maya to bed. Pretty much once she moved into her big-girl bed, she stopped wanting to be held and though it pained me to give up that special time, I also knew she wanted her independence and, well, who am I to stand in the way of a strong, independent little woman in the making?!

Every so often, however, she gets clingy at bed-time and whispers “Rock me, Mommy,” after she has already been tucked in.

Without fail, the maternal instinct to cuddle my young trumps the the exhausted, very pregnant, very uncomfortable side of me, which finds it hard to rock her with my aching back and bulging belly in the way. Continue reading “Rock Me”

Big Girl Bed, Night One

As a follow-up up to yesterday’s post … I didn’t have time to get a noodle last night and forgot about creating a barrier using receiving blankets. Still, she slept just fine in her new bed … until 4 AM, that is, when I heard her crying “Mommy, mommy, mommy!”

We had put every free blanket and pillow in our house surrounding her bed so I wasn’t worried she was hurt if she’d fallen … Continue reading “Big Girl Bed, Night One”