Belly Love

I have not been pregnant for more than six months now (and no, I’m not pregnant now, either!)

Yet I still find myself subconsciously touching my belly ALL.THE.TIME. Kind of like I did when I was still in my first trimester and not yet showing, or even well into the second trimester I guess. When I looked rounder but didn’t have the big bump. Even at nine months, my bump wasn’t enormous, but it didn’t stop me from caressing it. It held Maya, after all! Continue reading “Belly Love”


Post-Partum Bellies DO Look Like Preggo Bellies!!

How refreshing to see this pic of Pink — known for her kick-ass persona and rock-hard abs — walking on the beach with her husband and five-day-old baby, Willow. This story (and pic) made my day.

I’m so sick and tired of seeing celebs looking perfect and taut post-partum. THAT IS NOT REALITY! Continue reading “Post-Partum Bellies DO Look Like Preggo Bellies!!”

A Real Post-Partum Belly

I might not have my pre-pregnancy body back, but every time I look in the mirror and see my belly –with its long squiggly black line (linea negra) and the incision scar across my bikini line, I can’t help but marvel that Maya is here now … and that I made it happen. It’s the most incredible feeling on earth.

Given my history, you’d think it would be frustrating at me to not be where I want to be by now, seven weeks post-partum. But for once in my life, I’m experiencing patience. And I think it’s that patience which is allowing me to embrace my new figure — which, oddly (or not?) is closer to my pre-WW figure/size/weight than anything else.

So, to remind myself of how empowered I’m feeling at the moment, I’d document it with a photo of my belly — scar, linea negra, fleshy hips and all.

This is me, at this moment. And Maya is worth every ounce. (Pic after the jump).

Continue reading “A Real Post-Partum Belly”

Tummy Love

So I wanted to share this photo with you all!

My amazing artistic friend Staci did a maternity photo shoot with me yesterday. It was freezing cold out, but I barely felt it, as I was so excited to be doing something fun and different! We took a ton of pics (some of me solo, some with my husband who is not quite as into photographs as me ;)) but this pic was her photo of the day (she’s doing an awesome Project 365 photo journalism project for her 30th year on earth–love the concept!). Continue reading “Tummy Love”