Relishing “Me” Time

Fave photo I took in San Telmo, Bs. As.
Fave photo I took in San Telmo, Bs. As.
In college, I used to dread the thought of doing anything alone: shopping, eating, walking on the quad.

It wasn’t so much a confidence thing as that I just wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. And by being surrounded by other people all the time, I couldn’t spend too many of my thoughts on introspection.

Like most freshman on my floor, my dorm door was always open so friends could pop in. I always made sure I had a friend or group of friends to go to T.D.R. (our dining hall at American University) with. And I’d never take the bus to Georgetown alone.

I didn’t have a boyfriend and so naturally, I did everything with my friends and was fortunate that I never had to worry about being “that girl” who spent all her time with a guy. I threw myself into my sorority (Chi Omega, for any sisters out there!) and built my world around my girlfriends.

I just never realized how dependent I was on them for my happiness.

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