a tiny conscience

Today I worked from home with a sick Ben, so Luis picked Maya up at school.

She came running in the living room happy to see me. Then suddenly her eyes darkened and it looked like tears were about to form. “Mommy, I was on Green today at school,” she said quietly, burrowing her face into my shoulder. “I wasn’t listening.” Continue reading “a tiny conscience”


“Little Baby is Watching”

Tonight started out innocently enough.

Maya was in her high-chair, happily eating bite-sized pieces of cucumber and a few chopped up pieces of mac-n-cheese for dinner. We eat after she goes to bed, but I was hungry too. So I opened the fridge to find a healthy snack … and, found myself with the can of Reddi-Wip.

[Insert Jaws soundtrack here] Continue reading ““Little Baby is Watching””

Play, Then Eat

This is a cross-post at WeAretheRealDeal tonight.

While away last week, I saw this article (“Play, Then Eat: Shift May Bring Gains at School”) in the New York Times and e-mailed it to myself to write a blog post about it, in the event that none of our other bloggers covered it first.

We know that all around the country, due to budget constraints, schools are cutting out recess and physical education classes. And, no surprise, children are getting heavier. Unhealthier.

This scares me, because for many kids, gym class and/or recess are possibly the only physical activity they get all day. Naturally, I’m an advocate for both gym class and recess. Continue reading “Play, Then Eat”

A Little (Body) TLC

Image credit: amaze.typepad.com
Lately, I’ve been struggling with the chew-and-spit aspect of my disordered eating more frequently than the midnight wake-ups, which is a complete reversal from where things had been the past few years.

At least now I have an explanation for the behavior, but stress and anxiety aren’t the only reasons why I have been falling back into old habits.

Part of it is that I’m not giving my body enough TLC.

I can feel my husband’s embrace around my waist, get compliments over Facebook from people I haven’t seen in years, hear someone at work tell me I look good … but if I, Melissa, am not giving my body the tender-loving-care it needs, well, I’m only hurting myself.

Today, my vow is simple: to not chew-and-spit. Continue reading “A Little (Body) TLC”