Banning “Fat Talk”

deltaIf you happen to see the 90+ comments on my post last week at WeAretheRealDeal about my not “getting” the whole fat acceptance movement, you will notice that several readers asked me if my sensitivity to the word “fat” had anything to do with my background (Weight Watchers/disordered eating history/recovery) … and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.

Of course our backgrounds influence how we feel about certain words, situations, etc.

Having felt “fat” a lot of my life — even if it wasn’t technically true — the word stings. The irony is I’ve never been called fat (as a kid or an adult) — ok, well, at least not to my face.

So the word isn’t some painful reminder of my past; it’s just a word that I find offensive on many levels, in addition to reminding me of how I “felt” about myself for so long.

But as I learned through that post, for those in the Fat Acceptance movement, they argue that “fat” is only a bad word if we make it such.

They contend it’s a “descriptor” — like “tall” or “short” or “curly-haired” or “blue-eyed”  so they aren’t offended by it …

But none of those descriptors make me cringe. The word “fat” does. Even “obese” (a technical term) doesn’t bother me as much as the word “fat.”

In fact, I’ve tried to eliminate it from my personal vocabulary. When I’m feeling a little chubby, now I tend to say, “I feel fluffy” or “I feel bloated” — those are tangible adjectives in my head.

What I don’t say: “I look so fat” or “I feel so fat,”  like I used to. Continue reading “Banning “Fat Talk””