How You *Know* You’re Recovered

Holly @ The Balanced Broad posted recently about “fight or flight mechanisms with respect to disordered eating recovery.

As she notes, “Whenever people are affected by someone or something close to them, I always think that they have two options: 1. Cut off ties with that person/thing or limit your time with them/it; or 2. learn to cope.”

This really resonated with me, because like Holly, lately, I can’t handle all the obsessive talk about food and exercise — and I’ve needed to go the “flight” route.

I have a lot of friends on Facebook and Twitter (some of whom I’m close with, some not) and I can’t tell you how many posts lately are about food or fitness (no surprise–it’s the new year!).

“I ran X miles” or  “I resisted X food” or “I’m soooo hungry!”  type posts. Continue reading “How You *Know* You’re Recovered”