Prenatal Yoga: Review of Class #1

I’ve tried yoga many times in the past and just could. Not. Get. Into. It. I’ve tried different forms, tried it in different studios, and while I didn’t loathe it … I certainly didn’t love it.

I think a lot of it was the fact that I felt like it was a “waste” of an hour, in the sense that the calorie burn was minimal compared to the time commitment. I realize that sounds blasphemous to yogis and devotees — esp.those that do faster-paced yoga or hot yoga or really challenging classes– but it’s honestly how I’ve always felt.

So I guess you could say I didn’t have terribly high expectations of prenatal yoga, which I was to begin tonight.

That said, I was pleasantly surprised with the first of the six classes! There were eight other women in the class, including a pregnant friend from work and I. The women were all different shapes and sizes, and while at first glance I’ll be honest–I panned the room to see what everyone’s bellies looked like–after we got started, all those thoughts went away.

The class was very basic — poses I’d done a bunch of times — but they definitely felt different pregnant! Continue reading “Prenatal Yoga: Review of Class #1”


Melissa’s Strength Training Program

hpim18552You might recall that about a month ago I met with my trainer, Cristi, for the first time.

We went through one sample “day” each time we met, but because of my trip to Mexico and then being out sick for a week, it literally took us five sessions to get through everything.

Now I’ve completed a little over a week on my own, and I thought I’d share what my regimen looks like.

She isn’t hell-bent on cardio the way I am, but though I’m not stating it explicitly with each session, you can assume I’m doing 45-60 minutes cardio six days a week, in addition to this lifting schedule (with random biking and walking thrown in when the weather cooperates).

Knowing my goals (to slim down again and get toned) she designed my lifting program to be heavily cardio-centric. In fact, I wear my heart rate monitor the whole time and because I’m doing super-sets with limited time to rest, my heart rate really gets up there even while lifting Continue reading “Melissa’s Strength Training Program”