IMG_3607[1]A lot can happen in 365 days. A lot. And while my life has been a wild ride the past 365 days (pregnancy, trips to Jamaica and Jersey, moving drama, potty-training a toddler, giving birth, figuring out this mom-of-two business), one thing has remained constant: I’ve journaled at MyFitnessPal every.single.day.

And I’m damn proud of it. Continue reading “365”


Fake it til you make it

Fake it til you make it.

It’s one of those quotes that’s equally infuriating and powerful at the same time. Infuriating because it’s so hard to act a certain way when you don’t feel a certain way. And it’s powerful because if you can override your feelings and put on an act, you can actually change how you think about a situation. And that is awesome.

Right now — no surprise — I’m feeling this way about body image. Having been at this goat rodeo twice now, three months post-partum seems to be when the “itch” really begins for me. The “itch” to get back into shape.

No doubt having a baby changes your figure–as it should! And after Maya, I still had time to dedicate to the gym, to making my health a priority. Withn four months I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But now with two kids and being back at work, I just haven’t quite found my groove with respect to food or fitness. Which means I’m carrying the last 7-10 baby weight pounds.

It’s not just the number on the scale that’s bugging me; that really matters far less to me than how my clothes fit (or don’t). And even more than the tag inside my jeans, I just want to feel a little more in control of my health. So that I’m here for the long haul. Continue reading “Fake it til you make it”

A Turning Point?

Maybe we are FINALLY turning a page with respect to post-partum body image.

When Kate Middleton stepped out of the hospital — not even 24-hours post-partum — she stood there, cupping her still-swollen belly looking absolutely radiant … and moms around the world cheered. Here she was, looking like we all do after delivering a baby: exhausted, puffy, and still looking 6-mths pregnant. Continue reading “A Turning Point?”

Post-Partum Bellies DO Look Like Preggo Bellies!!

How refreshing to see this pic of Pink — known for her kick-ass persona and rock-hard abs — walking on the beach with her husband and five-day-old baby, Willow. This story (and pic) made my day.

I’m so sick and tired of seeing celebs looking perfect and taut post-partum. THAT IS NOT REALITY! Continue reading “Post-Partum Bellies DO Look Like Preggo Bellies!!”

When Words Flatter

Late this summer I was feeling self-conscious that though I was five months pregnant, I didn’t look “pregnant enough.”

My belly was small but growing … and just when I finally felt like I looked pregnant (i.e., 20-22 weeks) a comment someone made really upset me. I shared the incident in this post, “When Words Sting.”

Well, imagine my surprise when, yesterday, the person who had made that comment over the summer paid me a lovely compliment! Continue reading “When Words Flatter”

One Pregnancy Pound to Go …

This Friday, the scale (a simple tool of measurement today, not the dictator of my life like before) told me I had one pre-pregnancy pound to lose.

I was pleased to know this stat, but given the fact that most of my pre-pregnancy clothes (pants, specifically) no longer fit … it’s hard to get too excited: I still have work to do to tone up and get my body into better shape.

I know what to do, and am doing it — but without the obsessiveness of the past. I’m not beating myself up for any of it; I’m just stating it as a fact. It is what it is.

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Post-Partum Weight Check-In

So you probably guessed a post like this was coming. I mean, I experienced pregnancy from a recovering disordered eater perspective and I think all in all, I did a great job gaining what I needed to gain for Maya’s growth and development… but it’d be kind of nutty for me NOT to mention how I’m feeling from a body image perspective.

And the funny truth is … I have never felt better! OK, a little lie … I felt amazing at my goal weight … but this is a whole new kind of incredible. My body made a baby! Grew a baby! Birthed a baby! I’m still kind of blown away every time I look at Maya and look into her deep blue eyes, wondering what she’s thinking (if anything). Continue reading “Post-Partum Weight Check-In”

Shame on You, People Magazine!

Did anyone else see this lovely little interactive “Battle of the Bulge” feature in People magazine? Celebs who “battled the bulge” and won? OY VEY.

Three of these women were PREGNANT this year!!! WTF?!

That “bulge” of which they speak, is a BABY BUMP! Give them a break!

While some of those weight loss stories are nice to read about and inspirational (Kelly Osbourne, to name one), I think categorizing pregnant women in the same category as these “bulge-battlers” just seems ridiculous to me! Continue reading “Shame on You, People Magazine!”