Wants and Needs

When newborn babies cry it can mean one of a million things: hungry, tired, wet/dirty diaper, over-stimulated, under-stimulated, needing affection — to name a few. As we gain experience as parents, we learn to decipher the cries. By process of elimination we can deduce that if baby was fed and changed not 10 minutes ago … this cry must be a “tired” cry.

And in time, we learn our particular babies’ types of cries: the I’m-busting-your-eardrums-because-I’m-pissed-you-aren’t-holding-me-in-this-very-second wail is often very different from the where-the-hell-is-my-bloody-milk shriek or the why-haven’t-you-changed-me scream. Continue reading “Wants and Needs”


(Belated) Musings on 14 Months of Maya

Note: Maya turned 14 months on the February 18, but I haven’t been good about blogging so this post is long overdue … forgive me!

I know I’ve said every stage before this has been “the best” but truly this newest stage — 14 months — is “the best” — I love watching her “organize” her toys and books, “clean” (she is obsessed with Swiffing/Swiffering(?)) and figure her toys out — which shapes fit in which objects, stacking blocks instead of just knocking them over.

Thanks to school teaching her baby sign, she signs for “milk” and “all done”, and does the “diaper” sign on command — though we haven’t noticed her doing it otherwise. Continue reading “(Belated) Musings on 14 Months of Maya”