34 Weeks … Home Stretch

Well … five weeks from today, it’s “go-time!!” Hard to believe how quickly it’s approaching. I think because I have so much else on my mind, it hasn’t been at the forefront of my thoughts constantly the way it was with Maya …

I added my latest bump shot here. As you can see, I am growing (and growing and growing!) by the week … Doc appointment this week showed I am all on track and doing well. My blood pressure is still really good (and low for a pregnant person) and I’m up a healthy 27 pounds. Continue reading “34 Weeks … Home Stretch”


Attached yet disconnected

Inside my body, my son (that’s the first time I’ve typed that out!) is attached to me via an umbilical cord — providing him nutrients and, essentially, life.

He kicks me constantly and makes his presence known throughout the day … but — and I’m sad/ashamed to say this — I feel entirely disconnected from him.

It’s not because I don’t love him already or want to feel connected. Not at all. After digging deep into my own thoughts, I’ve concluded the reason why is because he doesn’t yet have a name. Continue reading “Attached yet disconnected”