In Pregnancy, a Neon Sign Might as Well Read: “Open for Judgment 24/7”

The past two days I had two interesting  body image experiences worthy of sharing here.

First, yesterday at the dog park, a woman my husband and I were chatting with asked when I was due. (Cue the fireworks, marching band, and streamers!).

I was wearing my fave pre-pregnancy gray winter trench coat, belted above my growing bump, and only buttoned on the first button. I finally felt like I actually “looked” pregnant from the front (not just the side) and was completely flattered and pleased with her comment. Continue reading “In Pregnancy, a Neon Sign Might as Well Read: “Open for Judgment 24/7””


New Page: BUMP

I’m learning it’s fairly common in the blogosphere to share bump pics.

In addition to seeing them there, I’m a member of, where you see baby bumps of all shapes and sizes at the same exact point in pregnancy. It’s bewildering in a way, just HOW different each woman looks … but comforting, too. We’re ALL so unique!

I never thought I’d be the type to post pics of myself … but since my blog is about recovering from disordered eating issues and body image issues, what better proof of my recovery than showing the world how I’m embracing pregnancy and, well, gaining weight?

And, what better way to show my future daughter just how much her (otherwise modest) mommy loved her — so much that she’d take naked belly shots and post them on her blog for pretty much anyone to see?!

So I created a new page called “BUMP” (across the top nav) where I’ll be updating about every two weeks. If you’re grossed out or not interested in bump pictures, please DO NOT view them; I will not be offended!

But if you want to view the belly shots, go for it. And stay tuned for future pics every two weeks or so!

Shame on You, People Magazine!

Did anyone else see this lovely little interactive “Battle of the Bulge” feature in People magazine? Celebs who “battled the bulge” and won? OY VEY.

Three of these women were PREGNANT this year!!! WTF?!

That “bulge” of which they speak, is a BABY BUMP! Give them a break!

While some of those weight loss stories are nice to read about and inspirational (Kelly Osbourne, to name one), I think categorizing pregnant women in the same category as these “bulge-battlers” just seems ridiculous to me! Continue reading “Shame on You, People Magazine!”