I’m Banning Diet Coke

I’ve talked about my Diet Coke addiction in the past, but after last night’s therapy session, I’m more convinced my habit has to die a quick death.

Thursday night, we talked about how my perfectionism and anxiety are lessening, and how I feel I’m at a better place now than I was even a few weeks ago. (Yea! Plus, 31 days with no chewing-and-spitting!)

Then I brought up Monday’s binge … in gruesome detail and, after asking me if it was really a “catastrophe,” (something we’re working on — not catastrophizing every little thing) my therapist hit on something really good when she asked me if I eat a lot of things with fake sugar.

I thought for a minute. “Hm… not a whole lot … I like fat-free sugar-free pudding, but I don’t put Splenda on everything or anything. And my maple syrup and jam are sugar-free … and I like sugar-free gum but I’ve been straying from that lately …”

She nodded. Then she asked if I drink a lot of diet soda. I paused. “Yes, why?”

Turns out, she seems to think this midnight eating business might actually be more physiological than even emotional … and that my Diet Coke addiction (particularly aspertame) could be part of the problem. Continue reading “I’m Banning Diet Coke”