7hu2U4T6CppplhqnMwdNZ4dMo1_r1_400It feels kind of ironic to do this post right now (as I just began a 24-hour religious fast) but former anorexic, “plus-sized” model Crystal Renn’s book HUNGRY is getting a lot of buzz, and I’d be remiss not to give it some more.

Earlier today, I came across this article at (though the article is from FoxNews) about her new book that paints quite an ugly picture about her pre-plus-size modeling experience.

In addition to writing her book, Renn wants to make a difference in the world.

As she notes, “I want to see all different shapes and sizes on the runway. And I want the sample size to be a 10. A zero should not be the norm.”

AMEN. Continue reading “HUNGRY”

Michael Jackson–Was He Anorexic?

I read an interesting article over at Beautiful Without Consquence this weekend which raised the question of whether or not anorexia played a role in Michael Jackson’s untimely death.

While he always looked painfully skinny to me, I hadn’t heard much about that suspicion until now.

But then today on the Huffington Post, I found a second article that brought up the very same suspicion.

I’m no expert, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the autopsy/toxicology reports will show a combination of malnutrition, various illnesses and over-medication/over-reliance on prescription drugs contributed to his death. Continue reading “Michael Jackson–Was He Anorexic?”

Passing Judgment

gavel1Note: This post is all over the place and content-heavy, so … consider it a stream of consciousness and please bear with me.

My post last Friday about the evidently malnourished Australian Miss Universe contestant got me thinking about judgment … specifically, my unconsious (human?) tendency to pass judgment.

I called this woman out here on my blog — a disordered eating recovery blog — for being too skinny (at 5’11 and 108 lbs.) and for possibly having an eating disorder … in spite of her denial of it being true.

I called her out because in looking at her, I was concerned that this is the image our children see.

I called her out because I was both sickened and saddened — sickened that she looked so skeletal, and saddened that her figure personifies “beauty” to some … possibly even some of my own readers or followers of “thinspo” (the pro-ana movement).

The irony is, if I saw a morbidly obese person on the street, who might not be in the best health either, though I might make a superficial judgment in my head (as in, stating the fact that the person is morbidly obese) … would I devote a post about it?

No, I wouldn’t. Continue reading “Passing Judgment”