Little Miss Bossy


A few weeks ago Maya’s school had a Halloween parade and party. Parents were invited, so of course Luis and I went. All the kids were hyped-up on sugar and racing around like wild animals.

And, in typical 2-3 year old form, they weren’t using their “listening ears.” I felt for her teachers, trying to corral the sugared-up toddlers. Continue reading “Little Miss Bossy”

“Age-Appropriate Behavior”

At 18 months, Maya is the textbook toddler: active, curious, and asserting her independence at every turn. But she wasn’t always this way. Somewhere around the 13 or 14 month mark, a switch flipped and she went from this docile, sweet, quiet baby to a full-fledged toddler. I’m beginning to see why all my friends with kids say the “Terrible Twos” is a misnomer; much like how you’re really pregnant for 10 months (not 9), the “Terrible Twos” seem to include the second year of life — they don’t necessarily start at the two-year mark!

Right now, we’re dealing with three new challenges in our household: extreme clinginess, mega- tantrums and bed-time fights. Both of these are surely phases she will experience on and off throughout childhood so I know neither are ending any time soon, but I’d be lying if I said they aren’t causing us some stress.

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