Happy 16 Months, Baby Girl!!

Every stage with Maya has been more fun than the next, but her fifteenth month was a really momentous –and memorable– month. Now that she’s in her sixteenth month (as of 4/18; clearly I am late to the game), here are some highlights from the previous month.

New Signs. Two weeks ago at babyschool pickup, Maya was in her teacher’s arms looking out the window, where there are bird feeders hanging. She gleefully reached for me and, once in my arms, started making this gesture with her two teensy fingers (I think it’s pointer touching thumb?). I looked at my daughter with curiosity and her teacher told me, “Oh, that’s the sign for ‘bird.'” Naturally. I felt like a complete moron for not knowing what she was trying to tell me, but it prompted me to go home and dig up the paperwork they had given us detailing baby sign. So we started encouraging “thank you” to complement “please” (which she’s been doing on command for a few weeks now but doesn’t yet do on her own; “milk” is the only sign she uses for a purpose, and sometimes “more”). Baby sign won’t be critical forever, but until she has words she can use, we want to enable her to communicate as much as she can. Continue reading “Happy 16 Months, Baby Girl!!”