15 Months

I’ve been a mom for 15 months — how is that even possible?!! It’s hard to imagine how quickly time has flown. Everyone says “It flies by” and they are right. I wish more than anything I could put this time in a bottle and just let life stand still for a little bit.

Barring that, all I can do is reflect … and savor.

I think I do a lot of both each day; some days more than others. But overall, I have been really good about being “in the moment” with her (and L and Rocco, too — but this post is about her). Even though I do take a LOT of pics and vids for my family back east, I’ve been scaling back some. It’s hard not to want to capture every moment … she’s growing into such a beautiful little girl and I am swelling with pride when I think about her. Continue reading “15 Months”