Calming the Anxious Mind

I don’t know about you, but the only thing making me smile on social media these days is seeing everyone’s end-of-summer and back-to-school pics. Kids, puppies and va-k pics are beyond welcome right now.

Everything else around me just feels heavy. The political landscape sickens me more and more by the day. Charlottesville and the ugliness it brought to light. Hurricane Harvey’s devastation. Five local teenagers going 100 mph this past weekend killed as they hit a tree, days before they would have begun their next year of high school. The senseless end of #DACA. (As with healthcare, why not try to improve something instead of upending it and leaving everyone in a lurch?!). Continue reading “Calming the Anxious Mind”


Why Pink’s Jewish Awakening Gives Me Hope After Charlottesville

I’ve shared my love of the singer P!nk here on numerous occasions – she’s a bad-ass mom who keeps it real, she’s an amazing singer, and she is a body image role model.  Today, I am singing her praises once again over on Kveller for an entirely different reason — her words in the aftermath of Charlottesville. Take a peek here.


Staring Hate in the Eye

Every time I try to put into words how angry, sad, and heartbroken I feel about what happened in Charlottesville this weekend, I find myself in tears. How, in 2017, is it OK for neo-Nazis, white supremacists and KKK members to take to the streets of a Virginia city to spew hate and injure and kill people in the name of “free speech”? These bigots aren’t cloaked behind white sheets anymore — their hate was on full display in street clothes. But ordinary Americans, they are not. David Duke and his ilk are a disgrace and a stain on mankind.

Continue reading “Staring Hate in the Eye”

Where I’ve Been Writing These Days …

Some readers may know this, but I’ve been freelancing at — a parenting blog with a Jewish spin (though it’s not “Jewy” and anyone can read it) for over a year now.

I’ve loved writing there — it’s given me a much bigger platform by which to express my thoughts on parenting, body image, politics, love and loss, interfaith families, etc.

I don’t necessarily share out every single published post on my social channels, so here’s a link to my published posts in case something sounds interesting. (Sort by date for the most current topics).

Happy reading!



Balancing the Pendulum

Like many women out there, I have loved and loathed my body at different times in my life. I’ve hated it when I felt like the biggest girl in the group growing up (everywhere I went, even though I wasn’t actually big then–as I see, looking back at photos). I’ve marveled at it during my two beautiful pregnancies. I’ve been empowered by it when I was able to breastfeed my kids (not exclusively–but still–I couldn’t believe I could do it at all!). I’ve loved it when I was thin and trim and felt like I could dominate the world. But I’ve also loved it when I was heavier and still felt like I could dominate the world. I’ve cared for it intensely by being ridiculously careful about what I ate, to the point of being borderline orthorexic and being obnoxious to everyone around me.  And I’ve abused it by over-exercising to the tune of multiple workouts a day in an effort to stay thin at all costs.

I don’t do any of that anymore. Continue reading “Balancing the Pendulum”

Writing … when it comes naturally

Sometimes, I start a post and then stop halfway through. Why? It’s usually for two reasons. I either think no one would be interested in what I have to say, or I am taking a controversial position and back away because I worry about what others will think.

Um, yea, that grade-school mentality didn’t exactly disappear into adulthood as I hoped it would! Continue reading “Writing … when it comes naturally”

fired up

Ben, who is three, loves Paw Patrol and his favorite character by far is Marshall, whose catch-phrase is “I’m all fired up!”

Like Marshall, I’m all fired up … over politics. Most recently, about the hypocrisy of President Trump speaking at the Holocaust Memorial Museum’s National Day of Remembrance event tomorrow.

I blogged about it late last night, submitted it to Kveller, and got a response from the editor this morning saying she’d love to run it. Here’s the post.

I will never understand how a fellow Jew can support 45 — reasons explained in my article — but I know writing controversial posts like this opens me up to criticism. I say, bring it. If I develop a thicker skin as a result …. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I whole-heartedly believe everything I write, and I willingly shared this opinion piece — recognizing I may be eaten alive for it in the community.

I’m fired up. ALL fired up!