As a follow-up to my last post, I decided to give another try and rejoined WW. Sad to see where I was last year when I rejoined … but it’s OK. It’s a start. Call me a January Joiner — I’m here for the long haul 🙂 And the best part is, I rejoined with a dear friend I met in 2004 via the WW chat rooms — a friend I adore and relate to on a million levels as moms, as wives, as women — a friend in real life nowadays, given our geographic proximity.

She convinced me it’s worth the shot again–it worked for us both before–and I believe she’s right.

So … I’m back on the WW wagon!

Tipping of the Scale

I’ve only seen the number 1-7-5 four times in my life: the day I joined Weight Watchers in 2004, pregnant with Maya in 2010, pregnant with Ben in 2013, and this morning, January 3, 2017. Not pregnant.

Now, without growing a tiny human, I have somehow managed to get the scale to creep up to a number that — for me — is not OK. You may be wondering, why am I placing so much emphasis on a number? Because that number is my PRE-WW WEIGHT. And that is why it’s “unacceptable” to me; I cannot stay here.

While I know several things: it’s just a number, it doesn’t dictate who I am, it doesn’t make me a bad person, weight doesn’t determine health, etc. — I am not OK with gaining almost 15 pounds in a year. I’m just not. It isn’t healthy, plain and simple.
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Wrapping Up the Year With a Bang

Hello, readers. Can you believe it’s already 2017 tomorrow?! Insane, I know.

Maya turned SIX two weeks ago (I will do a post soon!) and between her birthday, her bday party, Hanukkah, Christmas and family time, I’ve been trying to just soak up the downtime – spending time at home, being cozy with the kids, a date day with Luis, friend time, organizing everything, cleaning, writing, running/walking … it’s been a wonderful break in so many ways. ❤

And speaking of wonderful … I feel truly honored that my blog has been featured in the Best 40 Eating Disorder Survivor Blogs 2016!
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Fall into Winter

Not sure if I even have any readers left these days, but this fall has been incredibly busy and stressful — between Maya starting both school and Hebrew school, soccer for both kids, gymnastics, my inactivity which has led to weight gain — ugh —  a busy social life for our little family, and election depression … I don’t know where the time has gone. Writing and working out — my sources of “me time” — have both fallen to the wayside — and my mind and body both feel it. So do my jeans. :-/. And, unlike in previous periods of my life where I’ve been OK with a gain because I was happy and feeling carefree … this time, none of the above is true. Basically, I am NOT happy with this gain in spite of all the good in my life … And practically-speaking … I can’t afford a new wardrobe.

So I know what to do and will do it. It will just take time. Time, time, time.

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And so it begins …

14291818_10153870547727361_2083573259700712208_n.jpgMy baby had kindergarten orientation yesterday and today is her first official day of school. I know how we got here, but at the same time wonder, how did we get here? I read a great piece that explains this well. Grab the tissues; it’s a good one.

I was surprisingly FINE yesterday–no tears, just proud.

She woke excited, and was half-dressed by the time she bounded into our room. She raced to brush her teeth and made her bed in record time. Not a single argument or fight. She loved her orientation–her teacher, the school, the library …nervous, yes, but excited.

Today was the same–she got ready in a flash and even asked to eat breakfast there–she was so stoked to hurry up. But then we got to school, where she will have morning care, and all her excitement turned to butterflies. Continue reading “And so it begins …”

All the feels

September is going to give me –and many other parents joining the “Kindergarten Club” all the feels.

I haven’t been writing much lately, and for that I do apologize, loyal readers (if I have any left?!). I know this space is here when I’m wanting to write more, but aside from publishing a couple new pieces at Kveller, I haven’t done much this summer to hone my craft and haven’t felt super-inspired to blog recently. Nor have I  been nourishing my mind, body or soul. (#fail) BUT … because there is always a but … I’ve been living. And loving. And learning. And traveling. And teaching. And tasting.

So what I have lacked in the written word, I’m making up in experiences. That’s worth something, right?! 🙂

On that note, here are my two latest published articles at Kveller!


Enough is Enough

We live in a culture of violence. It’s everywhere you look – TV, film, video games … we see it everywhere and we become desensitized to it. Planes and buildings blowing up, shooting rampages, brutal rape scenes  … we’ve seen it all.

And somehow we, as a society, can “justify” this flood of violence in the media because it’s actors or computer-generated images  — not real people. Continue reading “Enough is Enough”