Bye Bye Bottle & Binky!

OK, I never said the word “binky” until this post … but it worked with the alliteration I was going for, so forgive me.

I love the group-think aspect of Facebook. A few weeks ago, Maya transitioned to cow’s milk and my pediatrician had recommended putting it in the sippy cup from Day One. Well, she threw a hissy fit and would.not.drink. Period.

So after much crying, we gave her a bottle, which she sucked down like there was no tomorrow.


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Tune in to yourself … like a baby

We can learn a lot from watching babies.

Babies, who can’t express themselves in any ways except crying and smiling (at least in the beginning, before they can communicate via expressions and words) are incredibly attuned to their needs … and once those needs are met, they move on. They eat til they’re full, sleep til they’re not tired, stop playing when they’re bored … They don’t dwell, there’s no guilt, there’s no nothing except the here and now.

[Until three hours later when another need arises, that is!]

They are so absolutely in tune with their own bodies that it’s almost mind-blowing that we adults (who live in a world of excess food and minimal sleep, who play Words with Friends instead of hitting the hay even though we are bone-tired … ) need to retrain ourselves to get back to that place of primitiveness and simplicity. Continue reading “Tune in to yourself … like a baby”

Wise Words from Carrie Bradshaw

As I mentioned recently, if there is any lesson I can teach Maya — aside from good morals and values (yadda, yadda, yadda)– it would be to love herself exactly as she is.

This quote from the Sex & the City finale hits that nail smack on the head. Today, I wanted to share it with you, my readers. Continue reading “Wise Words from Carrie Bradshaw”

Five Truths I’ve Learned Through Pregnancy to Carry Me Into Motherhood

1) I do not need to exercise every single day to stay physically fit. Any amount of activity is better than none, and cutting my workouts in half did not change much about my physique … nor did it make me gain an obscene amount of weight. I literally gained what my doctor recommended and nothing more.

Why this matters: As a new mom, especially one who has a C-section, I will be unable to exercise for 6-8 weeks … and even if I can find the time to do it afterward (and I’m hoping I can) it will not be without its challenges. Continue reading “Five Truths I’ve Learned Through Pregnancy to Carry Me Into Motherhood”

National Wear Red Day!

“The sweet spot = when your personal and professional worlds not only intersect, but exist symbiotically.”

This has become my mantra lately, and it’s even scrawled on my Facebook page.

At work recently, I’ve been able to combine my off-the-clock passions for healthy living/fitness/nutrition and social media as I’ve become involved in our work for the American Heart Association. Continue reading “National Wear Red Day!”

The Help Tab

help2Like any savvy blogger, I check my blog’s stats each day. I like to know how people are finding my blog, where they’re coming from … and — most importantly — what they’re clicking on.

While it’s always nice to see comments, or to see how many hits a particular entry got … or didn’t get, which sometimes happens, too … the data point that interests me most is how many people are clicking on the HELP page each day.

As it turns out, at least 267 people have clicked on the help link since I added it in late November. That means a lot to me. Continue reading “The Help Tab”

Preparing for Turkey
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I think I am an anomoly.

I love, love, love turkey.

But I don’t like stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, or candied yams — four of the side dishes that seem to make their way to every Thanksgiving table I’ve dined at since birth .

(OK, save for our honeymoon in Puerto Rico when we opted for chi-chi Italian on Thanksgiving night!)

This is nothing new; as a kid, I loaded my plate up with rolls, turkey, cranberry sauce, and veggies.

And today, I still do (though now it’s wheat rolls and homemade cranberry sauce with orange zest!)

What always ruined my othewise-healthy Thanksgiving meal as a child and teenager was the appetizers and snacks my nana or mom always put out … and the desserts, of which I never ate less than two.

Today, I will prepare for the holidays with caution and care … not the careless abandon I had as a child, but also not the restrictiveness I’ve done in the past (which only backfired with midnight eating or noshing all day). Continue reading “Preparing for Turkey”