“Can” and “Should”

Today I made the decision to stop formally working out for the duration of my pregnancy. It wasn’t an easy decision to come to, but it’s the right decision for me right now.

For weeks, Luis has been asking me — OK, begging me — to take it easy and stop working out. Friends have asked if I’m sure I should be still doing Zumba/Body Pump/training.  But I’ve been on the go and didn’t want to slow down. My logic (however twisted) was: “I feel good, I should do it now while I still can!”

And while there is truth to that — I do think being active during pregnancy is a good thing and will still say it’s been great for my mind, body, and soul — I also have not just been “active.” More like, I’ve not really taken many days off from working out the whole nine months. And it’s catching up to me … Continue reading ““Can” and “Should””


Vacation … May I have another, sir?!

Ahhh … Jamaica

“Ya mon!!”

“No problem!”

Music to my ears.

Since last August, my mom, brother, sister and I have been planning a family trip for my dad’s 60th birthday. He knew he and my mom were going to Jamaica, but had no idea that all of us — plus Luis and Maya! — would be coming, too! It was SO hard to keep things a secret but fortunately my dad isn’t on email and we just had to keep things quiet during visits home and on phone calls and Skype. Continue reading “Vacation … May I have another, sir?!”

Mysteries of the Scale

Confession: I have gone over my Points religiously for the past three months (to the tune of 40, 50, 60 Points OVER the allotted amount). And I have barely worked out. I completely expected a 5-7 lb gain, based on how my clothes had been fitting.

Yet the scale tells me I have lost 2.2 lbs since my last weigh-in in September. WTH, right?! Continue reading “Mysteries of the Scale”

Me & Gym … we’ve been on a break … <>

I don’t know about you, but every breakup I’ve ever experienced has been downright agonizing.

I remember after one particularly hard breakup freshman year of college, my ex — who was a year ahead of me– decided two and a half years later  to cleanse his soul the semester before he graduated … throwing me for a complete loop and giving me false hope that maybe we’d reconnect. We did not … it was awful, and I drowned my sorrows in a bottle of Malibu.

Fortunately, I met my now-husband the following fall … but to this day, I have not been able to drink Malibu since. Which is probably a good thing. Continue reading “Me & Gym … we’ve been on a break … <>”

Date Day a Success!


For my husband’s 33rd birthday, I wanted to do something different and unique.

With a baby, going away for an overnight isn’t such a feasible thing (I trust our babysitter but overnight is a big responsibility and I’m not quite ready for that just yet). I didn’t want to get a traditional gift, and he owns everything he could ever need.

I knew the best gift we could give one another was time together.

(T-4 months til this MBA business is behind us!)

So I did some hunting online and discovered that a modern Italian restaurant in town (Zazio’s) does a monthly cooking class where, with the help of the restaurant’s executive chef, you learn how to cook and prepare a four-course meal … and then eat it, all the while, drinking wine. Sounds good to me!!

PLUS you get an embroidered Zazio’s apron and a recipe book. SOLD 🙂 Continue reading “Date Day a Success!”

Tune in to yourself … like a baby

We can learn a lot from watching babies.

Babies, who can’t express themselves in any ways except crying and smiling (at least in the beginning, before they can communicate via expressions and words) are incredibly attuned to their needs … and once those needs are met, they move on. They eat til they’re full, sleep til they’re not tired, stop playing when they’re bored … They don’t dwell, there’s no guilt, there’s no nothing except the here and now.

[Until three hours later when another need arises, that is!]

They are so absolutely in tune with their own bodies that it’s almost mind-blowing that we adults (who live in a world of excess food and minimal sleep, who play Words with Friends instead of hitting the hay even though we are bone-tired … ) need to retrain ourselves to get back to that place of primitiveness and simplicity. Continue reading “Tune in to yourself … like a baby”

Almost “Me” Again

My sister is visiting–YAY!

In addition to all of us spoiling Maya rotten last night with clothes and accessories and shoes (jellies! sneaks!) I decided to get myself a little something.

Now, in the past (and I realize this sounds bad) I spoiled myself often without second thought … but since having Maya, I’ve bought myself few things — mostly because it’s so much fun to shop for her, but also because it’s hard to be excited about clothes shopping when nothing fits exactly as you wish it would (irrelevant of sizing).

So even though I desperately am in need of transitional clothes that fit my not-pregnant-anymore/not-quite-back-to-normal-size body … I just haven’t bought much. Continue reading “Almost “Me” Again”

Four Months!!

(This post WAS written on April 18, but I am just getting around to posting it now …  )

Maya is FOUR months old today.

Sifting through pics and videos on my computer today I came across the two videos of right after her birth that moved me to tears.

In the first, I’m still on the operating table (you can’t see me or anything, but you can hear me). My husband is filming Maya in the warming bassinet with the neonatal nurses, watching her get the amniotic fluid sucked out of her mouth within a moment of being born. Continue reading “Four Months!!”

Signs of Progress

Disclaimer: This blog post discusses sizes, past and present (I learned posting at WeAretheRealDeal that it’s best to include a disclaimer like this when discussing sizes!). The numbers I’m sharing might trigger someone, so please realize that I’m only comparing myself to myself — not judging you or anyone else.

One of my best friends is getting married this coming October (yay!), and I was so honored she asked me to be in her wedding. Last week, I had to turn in some measurements for the bridesmaid’s dresses.

I’m super-excited about the wedding and the dress (it’s gorgeous and it’s going to be flattering on every body type) — but I was dreading getting measured because, though I only have two pre-pregnancy pounds to lose (yup, I gained one last week, though it could be period weight, who knows), my pre-pregnancy pants/jeans do not fit … which means without even seeing a measuring tape, I knew I had quite a few inches left to lose.

When I saw the actual measurements spelled out, I have to admit, it was quite shocking. I was wearing jeans so the measurements weren’t 100% accurate, but still … they alerted me I had about three inches to lose off my waist and about five off my hips to return to my pre-pregnancy size (OK, probably in actuality two or three inches off my hips because I had gained some before I was pregnant … but still!).

Continue reading “Signs of Progress”