Baby Bump

Page created August 2, 2010 (20 weeks)

I figured it’d be nice to have a collection of my baby bump shots as my pregnancy progresses so that someday Baby Girl H (our last name starts with H) will be able to see how she grew in her mommy’s tummy. 😉

So … without any further ado, here I am, growing with baby!! We’ll be taking pics every 2 weeks. If you’re grossed out by belly shots, please don’t look — I won’t be offended! And I don’t know if they’ll all be bare-belly or not — haven’t decided yet.

Note: please ignore my hair and pulled-up tank 😉

14 Weeks — just starting to show
16 Weeks; pooking out!

20 Weeks, Hola Baby Girl!
22 Weeks
24 Weeks, 4 Days
26 Weeks, 6 Days
3rd TM! 28Weeks/6Days
33 Weeks 4 Days WHOA Bump!
35 Weeks, 2 Days!
Almost baby-time! 39 Weeks 4 Days

16 thoughts on “Baby Bump

  1. These are so awesome!! You should print these out and make a flip book. I would love to take pregnancy pictures of someone at intervals this close together.

  2. crazy. I know that people kept commenting that you looked tiny while you were pregnant, and that it was troublesome to you. It’s amazing though, at 28 weeks, I am larger than you were at 39 weeks! And I’ve already put on 25 pounds. So funny. Our bodies are all just built so differently and respond so differently to pregnancy. I think I probably have a similar build to you as well (5’2″- 125 pounds pre-preg) and like you, work out most days and eat super well, but my body continues to pack on the pounds and my belly continues to get bigger and bigger. It just goes to show you that you can’t compare your body to anyone else’s. They all react differently.

    1. Hi Laney–so true that each and every one of us are different!!! And I was 5’5 and 161.8 pre-preg (150 is my comfortable/easy-to-maintain weight). I gained 25 lbs and lost it within 4 months. Best wishes to you on your pregnancy!

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