remembering rachel

Today one of my best friends, Rachel, passed away suddenly during a routine medical procedure. We still don’t know all the details yet of what exactly happened  — an autopsy will give those clinical details and truthfully, they don’t  matter … they can’t bring her back. But I can tell you, my heart is broken […]

A Heavy Half

Confession: I’m the heaviest I’ve been since I joined Weight Watchers in 2004, not counting when I was pregnant with each kiddo. I lost the baby weight pretty easily with both of them, even got below pre-baby weight with Ben, but I couldn’t sustain the loss (which was still 10-15 above my “goal” but was […]

Balancing the Pendulum

Like many women out there, I have loved and loathed my body at different times in my life. I’ve hated it when I felt like the biggest girl in the group growing up (everywhere I went, even though I wasn’t actually big then–as I see, looking back at photos). I’ve marveled at it during my […]

365 days

An entire year — 365 days, twelve months, four seasons –has passed since one of my best friends, Rachel, suddenly left this earth. I’ve dreaded this day for so long. April 1 is April Fool’s Day — a day for silly pranks and jokes — and I will always now equate it with the day […]

the mother ship

Our family vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, last spring feels horribly tainted because  the day after we got back, I saw Rachel for the last time. (She died  four days later). So all those beautiful memories of the gorgeous beaches, fiery sunsets, delicious cocktails, incredible infinity pool at our resort, walking El Malecon (the lively […]


This has been a really difficult year for me. I haven’t been blogging, and I haven’t even wanted to write. Yea, life is busy (gosh I hate that word). Yea, I’m a wife, a working mom with two little kids, and have the responsibilities of maintaining a household  — but many of us are in […]

A Steel Magnolia: For Shelby

Grief. It’s something so private, so personal, so profoundly felt … and yet the way in which we grieve has changed in many ways — particularly in the past few years  with the advent of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Today we share links to announcements and arrangements;  we post our own eulogies, professing our love and […]

Loving on my Fitbit

For a tech lover, I’m just a wee bit late to the fitness wearables game … but I got my much-anticipated Mother’s Day present a bit belated, thanks to the incredible demand for Fitbit Charge HR. My beautiful Plum model arrived Saturday and I have been loving it. LOVING it. Already, this little piece of […]