Quoted in CNN Article: Paid Parental Leave Elusive After 25 Years

Blogging has led to many interesting opportunities. Here’s the latest!

I connected with a reporter doing a story on the lack of paid parental leave and how it impacts mothers when they return to work. She had posted in my Kveller moms group on Facebook, I shared my story and before I knew it we were chatting on the phone. It turns out we have a friend in common — gotta love Jewish geography — and I was more than happy to help bolster her argument that we absolutely NEED paid parental leave in this country. It’s insane to me that we don’t. Today is the 25th anniversary of FMLA and while it preserves a mother’s job for up to 12 weeks … it doesn’t give her pay. And it certainly doesn’t allow her to ease back into working.

Here’s the article, Paid Parental Leave Elusive After 25 Years

(It’s worth noting that I had my babies before we got bought out by my employer, VML — and VML does have paid leave. I wish to God we had had paid leave back then … it was a strain on us in so many ways and especially on me as a mom who felt like I was failing everywhere).



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