10 Miles — Who AM I?!

Allow me to shout it from the rooftops that the girl who has had a love/hate/love relationship with running just tackled 10 miles on her own this morning. The run was brought to life by Brooks sneaks, my Strava running app, Pandora’s Zumba station, lulu of course for gear, cold sprinkler systems and the wafting smells of bacon and coffee pushing me down one of Kalamazoo’s busiest streets on a humid, 60 degree morning.

I am only down 7.8 pounds (not only, but only, YKWIM?), but I swear I feel eons stronger and fiercer than two months ago and though nothing is loose yet, I know my body is appreciating all I’m putting into my training.

I wanted to give up a couple times this morning. First, my left foot felt funny for a half mile or so — but then went away so I may have just been running funny? No pain now. Then, about seven miles in, a contact flipped in my eye — probably the dry air? Who knows, it was bizarre. Anyway, I took both out and ran — without total 20/20 vision — the remaining three miles. Slightly unsafe in the dark, for sure, but I had a goal in mind and just took it slow, relying heavily on my flashlight. By the ninth mile I was admittedly feeling sluggish but then remembered that 9.3 will be my 15K mark, so I pushed through. Once I got home, I was at 9.8 miles and I was NOT abut to let a measly 0.2 slide by! So I did a lap of my street and came home, stretched, showered and refueled.

Next weekend, I’m running a 6.7 leg of the Detroit Free Press [Relay] Marathon with some teacher friends who had one of their teammates drop out. Funnily enough, one of the girls on the team is Maya’s first grade teacher – how’s that for a small world?!! I am nervous and excited about it. Not worried about the distance — just the fact that relays make me anxious (from my HS track days — so much pressure!) and I don’t know the city AT ALL, let alone the course. I’ve only been to Detroit three times — once for a conference where we didn’t really leave due to it being winter, once for a Tigers game this past summer, and once when Luis and I had to go do his citizenship interview eons ago. Unlike Chicago, which I know really well, Detroit is an enigma!

I’m worried about two other things, too. Because it’s a marathon that starts at 7 and I’m running leg 3, my turn to run probably won’t be til like 9:30 AM, if all goes well with the other girls. Normally my long runs are done in the dark, back before 8 AM. So that will be different for sure. I’ll probably need sunglasses (unless it’s cloudy). Second, I know everyone says to hydrate and eat something before running (it’s like the golden rule) but since my high school running days, I’ve been unable to eat or drink before a run — I inevitably get a side cramp and it hurts like hell and impedes my run. I have no problem eating or guzzling water afterwards. But beforehand it always seems to wreck me.  Any tips/hints, runner-friends? I have some gels one of my besties gave me — I can try those!

Then Nov 5 is our big Hot Chocolate 15K in Columbus. I’m beyond stoked — especially since now I know I can hit 9.3 miles / 15K.

It’s 80 again today but I’m about to make some crockpot applesauce with the kids from our apple picking excursion yesterday. Hope everyone’s fall is off to a great start! Sorry for the sporadic pop-ins — just wanted to share how excited I am for these races! Who knew I could like running again so much?! And my goal for both is COMPLETE, not COMPETE. I mean, Strava tracks my runs so I have an idea — but I just want to finish and get a medal at each. I can do it!




4 thoughts on “10 Miles — Who AM I?!

  1. so, so proud of you! it is a huge feat! (;

    i always struggled to est much beforehand. a banana would sit ok especially if you have to wait a bit. the relay part is so super easy. your buddy comes … they give you the baton amd you go! not as intense as HS.

    enjoy it all!

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