Writing … when it comes naturally

Sometimes, I start a post and then stop halfway through. Why? It’s usually for two reasons. I either think no one would be interested in what I have to say, or I am taking a controversial position and back away because I worry about what others will think.

Um, yea, that grade-school mentality didn’t exactly disappear into adulthood as I hoped it would!

But sometimes, writing come naturally. It flows, the words just write themselves — from my head to the laptop screen — and when I hit publish (or send to the editor I have been working with as a side contributor at Kveller.com) I feel a deep sense of pride. It’s a different pride than I feel at work. Don’t get me wrong — I love my actual job and feel blessed to work for a company I genuinely love, with people I adore, and doing work that is fulfilling.

But it’s not personal. This — blogging, writing … is personal. It puts me out there as an open book, but also allows me to have a voice in different spaces and I love that.

Here are some of my latest posts that just flowed from the heart. The “Snowflake” one, I thought would get a ton of push-back and surprisingly didn’t!

My Kid’s Love/Hate Relationship with Hebrew School

Enough with the Snowflake Insult!

8 Tips for Surviving Family Photos with Kids

I am looking to expand my writing this summer — hopefully blogging more here, and other platforms, as I am off the whole month of July on sabbatical! (Our company has this awesome deal where, if you’ve been there 10 years, you can take a month off — the only catch is you need to volunteer four days). I need a major mind/body reset, too, so I am super-looking forward to it.

In the meantime, it’s go-go-go til July 5, my first official day of sabbatical 🙂






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