Wrapping Up the Year With a Bang

Hello, readers. Can you believe it’s already 2017 tomorrow?! Insane, I know.

Maya turned SIX two weeks ago (I will do a post soon!) and between her birthday, her bday party, Hanukkah, Christmas and family time, I’ve been trying to just soak up the downtime – spending time at home, being cozy with the kids, a date day with Luis, friend time, organizing everything, cleaning, writing, running/walking … it’s been a wonderful break in so many ways. ❤

And speaking of wonderful … I feel truly honored that my blog has been featured in the Best 40 Eating Disorder Survivor Blogs 2016!

Though I don’t blog as much about recovery these days (I’ve been recovered since 2009) it is still very much a part of me — my past — but it does guide my present and future; while the behaviors are gone, I will always probably struggle with the thoughts that led to the behaviors. I’ve just gotten a lot better about coping with them over the years and I know there are four eyes watching me now, which changes how I view so much.

Speaking of coping … writing has always been and probably will always be my therapy. While the focus has been more on current events and motherhood, this year, I’ve been blogging over at Kveller a bit more and even applied for a new [remote!] fellowship. I have no clue how many people have applied or if I will even stand a remote chance of making the cut, but if I don’t try, how will I know?!! At the very least, I’m stretching myself and enforcing upon myself the discipline I need to be a better writer — so it’s a win no matter what.

My two most recent posts:

When I click my name and see how many posts I’ve gotten published, it gives me hope to keep submitting (there and elsewhere). Maybe that book deal someday can actually come to fruition?!!!

On that note, signing off for the last time in 2016. It’s been one hell of a year … and I can only hope 2017 will be better. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous new year!



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