And so it begins …

14291818_10153870547727361_2083573259700712208_n.jpgMy baby had kindergarten orientation yesterday and today is her first official day of school. I know how we got here, but at the same time wonder, how did we get here? I read a great piece that explains this well. Grab the tissues; it’s a good one.

I was surprisingly FINE yesterday–no tears, just proud.

She woke excited, and was half-dressed by the time she bounded into our room. She raced to brush her teeth and made her bed in record time. Not a single argument or fight. She loved her orientation–her teacher, the school, the library …nervous, yes, but excited.

Today was the same–she got ready in a flash and even asked to eat breakfast there–she was so stoked to hurry up. But then we got to school, where she will have morning care, and all her excitement turned to butterflies.

She looked so small and scared and nervous … an unfamiliar place, unfamiliar routine, unfamiliar kids and grown-ups, new environment and rules … basically everything she has known for the past 5+ years … changed in an instant. Yea, I lost it. Thank GAWD for sunglasses, because I hugged her goodbye, told her to be brave, and cried the whole way to work.

Rationally I know she’ll do fine–she’s a smart kid and eager to learn and she makes friends easily. But this is all so new … and it’s a lot to comprehend. Kindergarten is the first step in her school career-a big, honkin’ deal!

I love you baby. We’ve given you wings, and now you’ll fly. ❤


One thought on “And so it begins …

  1. Has anyone told you that there is a Jewish camp in 3 Rivers called Habonim Camp Tabor? I’m 61, started going there when I was in 5th grade, all the way through to bring a camp counselor and cooking. From there, many of us went to Israel for the Habonim workshop. While at Mayan Baruch, I met the local sculptor who allowed me to “play” in his studio. It changed my life and I became a sculptor. But my love of baking finally brought everything together.

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