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Tomorrow is the Michigan primary. I’ve never believed in an election as much as I believe in this one … and I’ve never feared the outcome as much as I do now.

In the 2012 election — while I was (and still am) an Obama supporter — I wouldn’t have lost sleep if Mitt Romney had won. I mean, we may not have agreed on much anything, but he is a smart man, a respectful man, a seasoned politician and businessman who would have treated the office of the presidency with the prestige it deserves. Policies aside, I wouldn’t have feared for the fate of our nation. And if McCain had beat Obama in 2008, I wouldn’t have feared for the fate of our nation.

But this election cycle? If voter turnout is low and Drumpf wins, I truly fear for our country’s future; for my children’s futures.

It isn’t about Red States or Blue States … liberals or conservatives … or the anger on either side of the aisle. This election symbolizes the potential erosion of our place in the world if the highest office in the land becomes occupied by a racist, bigoted, narcissist who bullies everyone he comes across or who disagrees with him. I mean, he bashed the POPE! He flat-out terrifies me … and that was before he asked his “followers” to raise their right hands and swear allegiance to him in a frightening Hitler-esque move this weekend.

Here’s my philosophy on voting: If I choose not to exercise my constitutional right to vote … totally cool. But  then I have no right to complain bout whatever administration gets sworn in on January 20, 2017.

Of course, I hope my [adopted] state has a poor showing for Drumpf … but between Sanders and Clinton — I’d be happy with either of them getting the nod. And I’d love to see either one of them get sworn in as the next president, and will be voting for one of them tomorrow.

Thanks to my college besties interning on the Hill our senior year at American University I had the incredible fortune of being on the Capitol lawn on Inauguration Day 2001, when Bill Clinton left office and George W. Bush was sworn in. Though that election was highly charged, there was still something so beautiful about the pomp and circumstance of watching #42 leave office and #43 get sworn in.

[Slight digression: In a way, it came full circle — my first week at American, I had the opportunity to hear President Clinton speak in Bender Arena and as he was leaving and waving at the crowd, I reached out and touched his hand — and then in my last year at AU, he left office].

The 2001 inauguration was also nine months before 9/11, when our entire world changed. We had an amazing  time freezing in the rain/snow/rain/snow … and got to cap off our college experience in a truly D.C. way.


(Photo cred: Thanks to my BFF Allyson for sending this gem my way! We  look like babies — and Luis and I were only together like two months here — so crazy!)

All the guys in this picture were navy midshipmen on the brink of graduation. Following decades of peace, they expected to graduate and serve their country … but now they were about to deploy overseas and enter entirely unfamiliar war zones, a complete 360 from their lives in Annapolis.

I remember standing there on the lawn, realizing we were witnessing history as Bush was sworn in,  but not quite understanding what was to come just a few months later. Now, on  the cusp of an election when we can SEE a real darkness on the horizon … it’s beyond terrifying.

Which is why I hope — no matter if you see Red or Blue — that you will vote — but that you’ll vote for #AnyoneButTrump.

When Inauguration Day 2017 comes around, whoever gets sworn in needs to be #AnyoneButTrump.

<<Rant over>>




2 thoughts on “primary colors

  1. I said that I can’t fathom having a president who I wouldn’t want my children to hear. I love watching politics but I don’t want to watch it now with Nate around b/c I don’t want him to hear anything Trump (or Cruz or Rubio, for that matter) have to say – not just the gross comments and mudslinging, but also what they say about women, LGBT rights, immigrants, and so on.

    (My in-laws are Trump supporters, btw. Oy.)

    1. I am so with you, Candice. It’s horrible what they say. all our kids know is that Drumpf is a bully and Hillary and Bernie are “good” and “nice.” 🙂 OH NO! Wish they’d change their minds!

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